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The name Side means pomegranate in Anatolian language.

Side is a charming holiday resort located 75 km from Antalya and 70 km from Antalya airport. Manavgat, to which Side is affiliated as an administrative structure, is located 6 km north-east of Side. Side is 65 km from Alanya. As the administrative structure of Turkey, Side is a neighborhood of the town of Manavgat. The town of Manavgat is connected to the province of Antalya. And Antalya is connected to Ankara.

The town of Side is one of the regions that host the most tourists in Turkey. It is one of the first places where the charter tourism movement started in Turkey. Having a resident population of 20 thousand during the winter months, Side's population reaches 1 million during the summer months when the intense tourism movement is high.

It is possible to see many interesting ancient structures from the ancient period in every corner of the Side peninsula, which is the most interesting town of the Mediterranean. Side, whose history goes back more than the 7th century BC, also came under the rule of Alexander the Great in 334 BC. Side, which was connected to the Roman Empire in 78 BC, had its brightest period in this period and became a center of science and culture. The golden age of Side, which was the episcopacy center in the 5th century, came to an end with the beginning of the Arab raids. This magnificent and famous peninsula of the ancient period was completely destroyed and abandoned after the 12th century. In 1895, the Muslims who fled from the island of Crete due to the internal turmoil in Greece were settled on the Side peninsula. Cretan Muslims founded a small village on the sea side of the ancient peninsula and named it Selimiye. Today, the indigenous people of Side are the children and grandchildren of Muslims who came from the island of Crete in 1895 and settled on the Side peninsula. The people of Side, who have been engaged in fishing and agriculture for about 100 years, who have been living in Side as a result of forced migration, have gained great wealth with the development of tourism in the town.

Tourism in Side

Tourism movements in Side date back to the 1960s. In those years, the town, which was a small fishing town, started to attract individual tourist visits. As a result, people from all professions of Side started tourism with family hostels in the early 1960s. They built additional rooms next to their houses. And many people from Side built bungalow-type wooden rooms in their gardens with the money they earned from tourism and rented them to tourists. It is known that charter tourism, which is made intensively today, started in the early 80s. The tourism movement, which started with simple family hostels in Side, later turned into a big tourism industry with the acceleration of large luxury hotel constructions in the region.

Today, Side has become a very popular holiday resort as a result of the expansion of the Antalya touristic beach project and there has been a rapid revival in the town. Side was the best spot to watch the solar eclipse on March 29, 2006.

Today, the name Side is used not only for the ancient peninsula, but also for the area 10 km to the west and 12 km to the east of Side. In the west and east of Side, on the coast and inland, there are dense touristic hotel constructions. In the 90s and 2000s, a very intense hotel construction occurred and hundreds of large hotels were built.

10 km west of Side, there is the touristic town of Gündoğdu. When you go east from the coastline, you come to the touristic town of Çolaklı. After here, Evrenseki and Kumköy tourism resorts are located. On the east side of Side are the tourism resorts of Tireyengöl and Sorgun. And 12 km east of Side, on the way to Alanya, there are the holiday resorts of Kızılağaç and Kızılot. There is a very intense tourism movement from the west to the east of Side. It is known that the total touristic bed capacity in the region is approximately 200 thousand beds. There are long beaches to the west and east of Side.

What to do in Side?
Many holiday activities are organized in Side. It would not be misleading to say that Side has a very rich list of daily tours and excursions. There are many things to do in Side in terms of holiday activities requested by holidaymakers during a holiday. On the website of Vigo Tours, it is possible to see all the activities, daily tours and excursions of Side.

Interesting activities, excursions and daily tours in Side

Cappadocia and Pamukkale tours, Köprülü canyon river rafting, jeep safari and ATV quad safari and buggy safari tours on the routes in the foothills of the Taurus mountains, wellness massage in Side Turkish bath, Alanya city tour, Dolphin island boat tour, Manavgat bazaar and Manavgat waterfall tour , Antalya city tour, Oymapınar green canyon tour, Land of Legends tour, Fishing boat tour, Swimming with dolphins, Aspendos festival.

It is possible to see all the activities by visiting the Side page on the Vigo Tours website. For tours and excursions in the Side region, pick-up and drop-off is available from all hotels in Gündoğdu, Çolaklı, Evrenseki, Kumköy and Side peninsula in the west of Side, and Titreyengöl, Sorgun, and Kızılağaç and Kızılot regions in the east of Side, and are included in the tour prices.

You can also contact Vigo Tours and request suggestions about what to do in Side. It doesn't matter which part of Side you are on holiday, Vigo Tours team will be happy to support you.

Side is a great diving place for those who like to dive underwater or for those who are just starting to dive. You can experience the interesting underwater museum on the Side diving tour.

You can contact Vigo Tours and request information and activity suggestions for private tours and activities for your family or group of friends during your holiday in Side.

Where can I see things to do in Side, Turkey and how can I make a reservation?
You can see all the holiday activities to be done in Side by visiting the Side page on the Vigo Tours website, and you can make an online reservation from the Vigo Tours website. Vigo Tours website is updated daily. All tour programs and prices are updated on the website. Also, if you have any problems, you can forward your questions to the Vigo Tours team on the Vigo Tours website. You are answered very quickly.

What's in Side Turkey?
Side Turkey has a history dating back to the 7th century BC, long beaches, the Side peninsula and ancient ruins, and the temple of Apollo. Today, when Side is mentioned, a great tourism potential comes to mind. Along the long beaches are hundreds of star-rated hotels. These hotels provide high quality service at an international level.
What is the temperature in Side Turkey today?
Side has a typical Mediterranean climate. It has quite hot and humid summers and cool weather in winters. If the weather is cloudy and rainy in December and January, it can be cold in Side. Side has a very pleasant weather on sunny days in winter. In winter, you can see tourists in their summer t-shirts walking on the streets and on the beach, and swimming in the sea.

What is "Dolmus"?

Dolmuş is the general name of minibuses that carry passengers between towns in Side. This is the same in all parts of Turkey. All over Turkey, minibuses that carry passengers between towns at close distances are called Dolmus. Only cash payments are made in Dolmuş. Payment is made to the driver. If you are sitting at the back of the dolmuş, you hand in hand with the other passengers and deliver your payment to the driver.

You can see Dolmuş all over Side. There are Dolmuş stops everywhere, but you can get on the dolmuş by raising your hand in places where there are no stops. Every town's Dolmuş is different. You have to take the Dolmuş of your destination. If you somehow get on the wrong Dolmuş, don't worry, the driver will help you when he notices it. The Dolmuş do not go out of the routes. They pass in front of many hotels, but from some hotels you may need to walk a little from your hotel to get on or off the Dolmush.

Dolmuş routes in Side
From Side to Manavgat (5 km) and vice versa
From Side to Kumköy (4 km) and vice versa
From Side to Evrenseki (6 km) and vice versa
From Side to Çolaklı (9 km) and vice versa
From Side to Gündoğdu (10 km) and vice versa
Gündoğdu to Manavgat (14 km) and vice versa
From Çolaklı to Manavgat (13 km) and vice versa
Evrenseki to Manavgat (9 km) and vice versa
From Kumköy to Manavgat (7 km) and vice versa

You can't always find a seat in the Dolmuş, but you can travel standing up. This is the most typical feature of dolmuş. Normally it is forbidden to carry standing passengers, but dolmuş always carry it and sometimes they pay fines, but mostly they do not.

See you in Side!

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