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Product Credibility, Alterations & Amendments

7. The terms of use for Vigotours.com state that all products and services offered are valid according to the dates displayed on the website or any affiliated sites. It is important to note that Vigotours.com is not responsible for any information that is not directly provided by them.

8. If you need to make any changes or updates to the terms of use for Vigotours.com, please contact the Client Care Team. They will be able to assist you with your request and ensure that any necessary modifications or amendments are made.

8.1 The terms of use for Vigotours.com state that customers can modify or change the days of their booking without incurring any charges, as long as the request is made at least 2 days before the scheduled tour departure date and is approved by the Customer Care team.

8.2 Before purchasing a special occasion, theatre, or program ticket, it is important to carefully review the terms of use. In some cases, these tickets cannot be changed or refunded once they have been purchased and verified. If you have any questions about the finality of a reservation, our Customer Care team is available to assist you.

8.3 Our terms of use state that any requests for changes to dates are subject to availability by our suppliers and/or service providers. While we will do our best to accommodate these requests, we cannot guarantee their success.

8.4 When requesting a change to your tour date, please note that Vigotours.com will do their best to accommodate your request if it is made at least 2 days prior to your original departure date. However, any changes requested less than 2 days of your original departure date may result in an additional fee.

8.5 When using a discount or special offer on Vigotours.com, it is important to note that the website reserves the right to honor or invalidate the pricing depending on any post-purchase adjustments or changes made to your itinerary. While Vigotours.com may choose to honor the discount or special offer, it is ultimately at their discretion. It is important to carefully review the terms of use before making any purchases on the website.

9. By using Vigotours.com or any affiliated websites, you agree to the terms of use which state that Vigotours.com reserves the right to modify, substitute, or terminate any product, tour, ticket, or solution that you have booked through their website at any time and for any reason. It is important to review and understand these terms before making any bookings.

9.1 If you find that the terms of use are not satisfactory, you have the right to request a full refund of the amount you paid for the product or service. However, for a full refund, this must be done in due time and by email.

9.2 In the event of any significant changes to a booking, tour, product, or event, our agents, service providers, and suppliers will inform us in advance. We will then make every reasonable effort to notify the appropriate parties, such as the consumer, travel agent, or distributor, in order to amend or re-issue the booking if possible. However, please note that this is subject to our terms of use.

Prices & Inclusions/Exclusions

10. The terms of use for Vigotours.com and its affiliated websites state that any prices listed are per person, unless otherwise specified.

11. The terms of use for Vigotours.com state that the rates provided for their services are based on the regional toll at the time of estimation and are subject to change based on the dominating foreign-exchange rate. Customers should review and agree to these terms before using the website's services.

12. The terms of use state that rate quotations are subject to change without notice until a booking has been confirmed.

13. The terms of use state that unless otherwise specified, the rates provided do not cover any admission fees.

14. The terms of use for this service do not include gratuities for tour directors, drivers, or local guides, personal insurance for baggage or belongings, any personal expenses, or any food or drinks not explicitly stated. For tours with accommodation, single room difference is not included in the prices. Vigo Tours does not provide double room matching to guests joining the tour as a single person.

Settlements & Terminations

15. Vigotours.com website provides online payment with secure credit cards and Paypal for purchases.

15.1 When making a payment with a credit card or through Paypal, it's important to note that there may be an additional charge of 3.5% for handling the transaction. This surcharge or service charge helps cover the costs associated with processing electronic payments.

15.2 To secure your booking, we require either full payment or a deposit made online using a credit card or Paypal. Please note that the payment will appear on your credit card statement as either Vigotours.com or Paypal.

15.3 For some activities (for example: Dinner Bosphorus cruise), additional fees may apply when paying the balance by credit card.

Cancellation policy to be applied in cancellations made by the customer (buyer)

16. Full payment for all services, including accommodations, meals, and other packages, must be made prior to the start of the sightseeing tour or service. Once the tour or service has commenced, no refunds will be provided for any booked services. It is important to ensure that all payments are made in full before the start of the tour or service to avoid any inconvenience or cancellation.

17. When you book with Vigotours.com, please be aware that cancelling your reservation may result in cancellation charges. These charges will be clearly outlined in your booking details. Additionally, other providers may also impose their own cancellation fees in accordance with their terms of use. If you do need to cancel your reservation, you will be notified of the total cancellation fees via email, text message, or phone call. Please be sure to review all cancellation policies before making your reservation.

17.1 Before purchasing tickets for an event, it is important to review the terms of use. Some tickets may be non-refundable, such as those for occasions, attractions, theaters, shows, or vouchers. To avoid any confusion or disappointment, it is recommended to contact the Client Care team in advance to inquire about the refund policy.

17.2 Before booking an excursion or travel plan during a unique occasion period, it is important to note that it may be non-refundable. To avoid any confusion or disappointment, we recommend contacting our Customer Care team in advance to clarify the terms of use. Less than 24 hours before the tour departure time, a date change request for any reason (except for tours involving air travel) can be accepted, but the requested new tour date will not be entitled to free cancellation and refund.

17.3 If a client decides to cancel their tour, our cancellation policy is as follows: If the cancellation notice is given more than 2 days prior to the tour, the client will receive a full refund of any money paid, minus a EUR10 management fee (total, not per person). However, if the cancellation notice is given less than 2 days before the tour, no refund will be given. Please note that the refundable cancellation period may vary for certain products, and this information can be found on the product page.

17.4 Before booking a tour, it's crucial to review the free cancellation and refund policy. This information is clearly stated on each ticket, and it's important to make any cancellation or refund requests within the specified time frame. For tours that involve air travel, it's important to note that reservation dates cannot be changed after the cancellation period. The deadline for cancellation may vary depending on the tour, ranging from 48 hours before departure for some tours to 72 hours or longer for tours with air travel. Be sure to double-check the deadline on your ticket to avoid any issues.

17.5 For reservations made for the next day, for reservations made in the evening for morning tours, if the reservation is incorrect, if the wrong tour is booked from the wrong place, the deposit of 10€ per ticket will not be refunded. If the deposit amount is more than 10€, the excess of 10€ (difference) will be refunded.

17.6 If the reservations made during the day and the tour date is on the same day are canceled by the customer, no refund will be made. Reservations made less than 48 hours before the tour time (hotel pick-up time), that is, within the 48-hour free cancellation period, will not be refunded if the customer cancels them for any reason.

17.7 Reservation cancellation requests are made by the person making the reservation by logging into their account on vigotours.com. Username and password information for accessing the Vigotours.com website are given at the bottom of the e-ticket. Reservation requests are not accepted by phone, SMS, E-mail, whatsapp or other social media messages. The e-mail address of [email protected], to which the e-Ticket is sent, is for sending e-tickets only, not for customers to make reservation cancellation requests.

17.8 Notes, warnings and directions at the reservation stage are important. Vigo Tours is not responsible for any problems that may occur in reservations despite these Notes, warnings and guidance. Such situations do not entitle customers to a refund.

Visas & Insurance policy

18. Visa and insurance policies vary depending on the country and destination. It is important for all passengers, regardless of nationality, to contact the consulate of the country they are visiting to ensure they meet the current entrance requirements.

19. It is important to note that visa and health insurance policies for international travel can change without prior notice. Therefore, we strongly advise that you confirm the current health and visa requirements with the relevant consulate before your departure. This will ensure that you have the necessary documentation and coverage for a smooth and hassle-free trip.

20. It is highly recommended that you invest in a comprehensive travel insurance policy before embarking on your journey. This will provide you with financial protection in case of unexpected cancellations or changes to your travel plans, as many insurance plans cover the costs of cancellation fees and related expenses. Please check thoroughly what your insurance policy covers.

20.1 Insurance on Blue Cruise tours: Prices do not include insurance of any kind for clients, unless explicitly stated. In accordance with Turkish and Greek Law, all clients are required to have adequate insurance that covers, at the very least, personal accidents, death, medical and repatriation expenses, loss, theft, or damage of luggage, and the cancellation or early termination of a tour or cruise. This insurance should also cover any planned adventure activities from the time of booking until the end of the tour or cruise. The client and their personal belongings are the sole responsibility of the client. It is your full responsibility to arrange your own insurance. VIGO Yachting will not be held liable for any costs or expenses related to insurance. We will not provide any refund, either partially or in full, of money paid.

Disclaimers & Limitations of Obligation

21. Vigotours.com and its agents, affiliates, company, providers, and/or representatives cannot be held accountable for any losses or damages, including but not limited to loss of information, income, service, opportunity, goodwill, or reputation, as well as any losses experienced by third parties, arising from the use of Vigotours.com, whether such losses were foreseeable or not. This includes any indirect, substantial, special, or exemplary damages, regardless of the form of action taken.

22. Vigotours.com and its representatives and providers are not liable for any injury, damages, loss, accident, delay, abnormality, liability, or cost to individuals or property resulting from the acts or defaults of hotels, service providers, or other businesses or individuals providing services included in the tours. While making arrangements for hotels, tours, transportation, or any service related to the itineraries of specific clients, Vigotours.com and its representatives and providers cannot be held accountable for any such incidents.

23. Vigotours.com, its agents and providers do not assume any obligation for sickness, theft, labor disputes, equipment malfunctions, government restrictions, acts of war and / or terrorism, weather conditions, transportation failures, accidents, or any other unforeseeable circumstances beyond control.

24. The material provided by Vigotours.com, including information, names, images, pictures, logos, prices, days, and availability related to Vigotours.com and/or its affiliated websites, providers, operators, and distribution partners, is provided "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" without any representations or warranties (whether express or implied by law) to the extent permitted by law. This includes implied warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, security, and accuracy.

25. While we strive to ensure the accuracy of all the services and products we offer, it is important to note that Vigotours cannot guarantee that the performance, material, or information contained on our website or any affiliated sites is completely uninterrupted or error-free. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that our website or servers are free from viruses or other harmful software. We continuously monitor and review our information to ensure the highest level of accuracy and safety for our customers.

26. In the event that any of the terms outlined in this agreement are deemed to be prohibited, void, or unenforceable in any state or nation where they are intended to be effective, such term will be removed and deemed invalid only within the jurisdiction where unlawful. The remaining terms of this agreement will remain in full force and effect, and will continue to be binding and enforceable.

27. For the comfort and health of all passengers, smoking is strictly prohibited inside the bus during excursions. However, on longer tours, the bus will make frequent stops to allow smokers to step outside and indulge in their habit.

28. It is important to fasten your seat belt at all times while the vehicle is in motion for your safety.

29. Passengers are responsible for their own baggage and any items they bring on board the transportation. The transportation company is not liable for any loss or damage to personal belongings during the journey.

30. Vigotours.com cannot be held accountable for any delays caused by heavy traffic congestion.

31. When planning a tour, it's important to keep in mind that the itinerary may need to be adjusted based on seasonal factors or unforeseen circumstances. For example, some museums or historical sites may be closed for renovations or repairs. Additionally, during the hot summer months, outdoor activities may need to be shortened or rescheduled to avoid the heat. Your tour guide will do their best to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, but flexibility is key when it comes to travel planning. In addition, Vigo Tours cannot be held responsible for any restrictions or prohibitions imposed on tours and activities at the last minute by the competent authorities on tour content other than the main subject of the tour, and in such cases, a refund cannot be requested.

32. Vigotours.com does not offer any services related to pictures or videos taken during tours. These services are managed by the tour providers or service providers themselves. Therefore, Vigotours.com cannot be held responsible for any issues related to the pricing, quality of service, or delivery errors of these images and videos.

33. In order to offer more affordable prices, we often collaborate with other local companies throughout Turkey to arrange overnight trips and day tours. By working together, we are able to provide our customers with a wider range of options and experiences while keeping costs down. Cooperation is key to creating memorable and accessible travel opportunities for all.

Price policy for children

34. Kid & group reductions;

The price policy for children varies depending on the tour, activity, or show. It is important to check the details and reservation page for each specific event. Please note that for tours that include meals, children who do not pay the tour fee will not be provided with food.

35. Turkish legislation will be applied to all matters related to any type of reservation.

36. To ensure a smooth pick-up experience, we ask that our guests be ready at the main entrance of their resort 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Please note that pick-up times may be subject to delays due to traffic or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

37. It is important for guests to arrive promptly at the designated pick-up location provided by the tour guide. Tours will not wait for those who are running late, in order to ensure that all guests have the opportunity to fully experience the itinerary.

38. Payments for the tour are processed using the current exchange rates for British pounds, US dollars, and Turkish Lira on the day of the tour.

By accessing and using this website, you agree to abide by its terms of use.


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