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Side Rafting at Koprulu canyon is an amazing experience! A river rafting fun and adventure trip from Side will be the most highlight of your holiday with your friends and family. Join us to paddling the waves along the fascinating scenery, swim in the crystal clear waters, and then enjoy a delicious meal at the riverside restaurant.

About this activity

  • Tour Duration: 8 Hours
  • Booking confirmation: Instant confirmation
  • Printed or mobile voucher: Accepted
  • Easy Online Booking: Fast, Easy & SSL Secure Booking
  • Vegetarian & Vegan meal: Available
  • Cancellation policy: FREE Cancellation
  • Experience: No experience required
  • Shopping: No Shopping tour
  • Skip the ticket line: Yes
  • Things to do in Antalya Daily tours and Excursions in Antalya
  • Tour Guiding: English , Turkish , German , Russian , Polish
  • Tour ID: 165
  • Other Departure places: Antalya Belek Alanya Kemer
  • Departure Location: Side

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Full Description

White Water Rafting Antalya

Antalya rafting tour

Vigo Tours has been organising Rafting tours in Köprülü canyon national park of Antalya Since 2000. Spend one your days with Vigo Tours rafting during your holiday in Antalya and enjoye the exciting rapids of river.

For a great rafting experience, we pick up from all hotels in the Antalya region at different times and go to Köprülü Canyon with air-conditioned vehicles. When we arrive at the meeting place in Köprülü Canyon National Park, our rafting team gives you the basic information and necessary equipment about our exciting and enjoyable river rafting tour.

We invite you to enjoy a tremendous river rafting pleasure in the Köprüçay river in the Köprülü canyon national park in Antalya, with the privileged service difference of Vigo Tours!

Where and how Antalya Rafting tour is run by?

Rafting activity on the Köprüçay river in Antalya Köprülü canyon national park starts from the historical Oluk bridge point in Beşkonak. This place is about 1 hour away from Antalya. People from all over the Antalya region come here for rafting. In the summer months, nearly a thousand people come here to enjoy the tremendous pleasure of rafting on 12-person rafts. Rafting in Antalya Köprülü Canyon is an exciting activity full of fun, adventure and excitement.

River Rafting at the Köprüçay river near Antalya

Köprüçay River, which passes through the natural wonder Köprülü Canyon National Park which is approximately 75 km away from Antalya, has become an incredibly enjoyable river rafting center. Rafting tours, which started in 1992 for the first time, have become much more popular each year since that year. This magnificent wonderland national park welcomes nearly 1000 rafting enthusiasts every day during the summer season. There are so many guests attending our rafting tour, which gives incredible enthusiasm and joy.

Experience a great adventure and fun with rafting in Antalya

No experience is required to participate in river rafting. The rafting difficulty of the Köprüçay River is in the category of easy trails. This means that children can also participate in river rafting. When you look at the rafting pictures on our site, you will be able to see small children on the rafts.

There is a rafting guide for rafting for 12 people rafts. This guide works for you to enjoy river rafting. Life jackets are provided free of charge. You can rent or buy special rafting shoes. You can also participate with your own shoes. Thick rafting suits can also be hired extra.

A wonderful and unique nature, a magnificent river flowing from the Taurus Mountains and Rafting... Join the enthusiastic and fun-filled Rafting experience in Antalya with Vigo Tours!

After some tour details and a brief information meeting, our guests are divided into groups for each raft, and our fun-filled Rafting tour starts at around 11 o'clock under the ancient bridge. This wonderful tour lasts approximately 3 hours with various exciting animations and entertainments. Lunch is served in our own restaurant located by the river. Drinks are extra.


You can also take a canyoning tour before rafting. This tour takes about half an hour. The canyon tour is extra. You can also do the activity called zipline and glide from the top of a rope over the river. These services are extra.

At the end of the fun-filled tour, you can see the photos and videos taken during the tour and purchase them if you wish.

Adventure and fun-filled rafting tour from Side


Tour program


Rafting from Side means excitement, rafting from Side means enthusiastic entertainment. Rafting from Side means adventure, rafting from Side means a great day!


Side Rafting tour is everyday


Side Rafting tour: Rafting from Side means excitement, rafting from Side means enthusiastic entertainment, Rafting from Side means adventure, rafting from Side means a great day! Be sure to consider and plan something wonderful on your holiday in Side: river rafting experience in Köprülü canyon national park. This will be the most unforgettable experience of your holiday in Side.


  • Pick-up from hotels in and around Side (08:45 - 09:30)
  • Transfer to Köprülü Canyon (60 km from Side)
  • Arrival to Köprüçay river in Köprülü canyon
  • Providing tour information, preparing tour equipment, and transferring to the starting point
  • Groups divided by country or language, and are taken on rafts with a capacity of 8-10 people.
  • The fun and adventure tour begins, with an experienced guide on each raft
  • Entertainment and activity breaks and rafting tour animations on the river, water fights from the rafts
  • Lunch break (grilled chicken, rice, potato salad, spaghetti, salad and seasonal fruit)
  • After lunch, the tour continues until the end
  • End of Side Rafting tour (14:30)
  • Showering and changing clothes and boarding transfer vehicles
  • On the way to Side, We will do a break for tour photos, and seeing the tour video of Side rafting experience, and perhaps you buy few photos, and you perhaps buy maybe tour video of Side Rafting too
  • Departure to Side and leaving the guests to their hotels

Price included

  • Pick up from hotels - drop off at hotels
  • River Rafting with a guide
  • Lunch by the river
  • Drinks and personal spendings
  • Photographs and video
  • Warm jacket rentals
  • Shoes rentals
  • Zip Line

Know before you go

Pick Up Place

For our Rafting tour from Side, we do pick up from all the hotels in Side and around Side. Hotels in Gundogdu Side, Hotels in Colakli Side, Hotels in Evrenseki Side, Hotels in Side, Hotels in Titreyengol and Sorgun Side, Hotels in Kizilagac Side, and Hotels in Kizilot Side. For Side Rafting tour we do pick up everywhere in Side and around Side.

Pick up Point

For our adventure and fun filled Rafting tour in Side the pick up point from hotels is the main entrance gate of the hotels.

Important information

If your hair is long, you should tie it tightly.
We recommend that you remove your gold and similar jewelry.

What should be brought?
Spare clothes, towels, sun protection cream and some cash for photos or videos and drinks as well.

It is not possible to use your mobile phone or camera during rafting.

Children under the age of 17 may participate under the supervision of their parents. Small children are placed in the middle of the raft. However, the rafting guide is very experienced in safety.

The transfer vehicle is safe: Before rafting you can leave your valuables in the transfer vehicle. The transfer vehicle is locked with everyone at the same time before rafting and after the tour it is opened with everyone at the same time.

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Katowice / Poland


Wycieczka raftingowa z Side

Podczas naszych wakacji w Side uczestniczyliśmy w wycieczce raftingowej z biurem podróży Vigo tours jako 7 osób. Spędziliśmy wspaniały dzień jednym słowem. Wszystkim nam się podobało i spędziliśmy bardzo przyjemny dzień.



Berlin / Germany


Danke für die tour..

Danke für die tour.. War super.. Jetzt weiss ich wie es geht.. Ist echt lustig



Energodar / Ukrayna


Тур на Рафтинг из Сиде

Добрый день! Благодаря компании Vigo Tours мы с дочкой посетили очень много замечательных мест, путешествуя турами! Рафтинг - очень веселое и увлекательное приключение! Ледяная вода горных рек освежит вмиг! Веселые гиды - сопровождающие и группы туристов будут способствовать вашему смеху в течении всего тура! Великолепная возможность испытать адреналин!



Ankara / Türkiye


Çok eğlendik!

Vigo tur şirketini tatilimize gitmeden önce google arama ile bulduk. Side tatilimizde bazı aktiviteler yapmak istedik ve google arama yapınca Vigo tur şirketini bulduk. Bir kaç sorumuz vardı ve email gönderdik. Hemen cevapladılar. Depozito ile rafting rezervasyonu yaptık. Turdan bir gün önce bize whatsapp mesajı ile alış saati yazdılar. Tur günü otelimizin önünden bizi minibüsle aldılar ve 1 saat kadar dağlara doğru gittik. Otobüste değişik ülkelerden başka insanlar da vardı. Rafting yerine ulaştığımızda bize gerekli tüm bilgileri verdiler. Can yelekleri ve kask giydik (mecburi - fiyata dahil). Rafting için plastik ve bez özel ayakkabılar da satıyorlar ancak biz almadık spor ayakkabılarımız yeterliydi. Sonra araçlara tekrar binerek çıkış yerine gittik (10 dak.). (Dikkat! Tüm eşyalarınızı geldiğiniz araçta bırakıyorsunuz ve araç hep birlikte kapatılıyor tur sonunda hep birlikte açılıyor). Çıkış yerinde bizi rafting sallarına göre gruplara ayırdılar. Bizim salda ben ve eşimle birlikte toplam 10 kişiydik ve salda rehberimiz de vardı. Ve başladık!! ilk başlarda biraz ürktük ancak inanılmaz derecede eğlenceliydi. Irmak su seviyesi çok yüksek değildi. Rapid dedikleri hafif çağlayan gibi geçişler oldukça heyecanlı ve keyifli oldu. Bir kaç kez suya atlayıp yüzebilirsiniz! Rafting süresince Bir kaç kez mola verdik ve çeşitli oyunlar, aktiviteler yaptık. Irmak suyu oldukça serindi ama hiç üşümüyorsunuz çünkü baştan sona müthiş bir heyecan ve eğlence içindesiniz. Öğlen yemeği fiyata dahildi ve ırmak kenarında harika bir yemek yedik. İçecekler ekstra. Hiç bitmesini istemediğimiz müthiş eğlenceli bir gün geçirdik. Ödediğimiz fiyat oldukça iyiydi hatta otelimizde tur şirketinin fiyatına da baktık oldukça yüksekti ve aynı programdı. Rafting herkesin yapabileceği oldukça güvenli bir aktivite. Bir çok salda küçük çocuklar da vardı sal ortasında oturuyorlardı. Güvenlik tedbirleri çok iyiydi. Rafting diyince insanın aklına biraz korku geliyor ancak öyle olmadığını söyleyebilirim. Rehberimiz çok iyiydi, bizi çok eğlendirdi. Turdan sonra fotograf ve video için durduk. Fiyatlar yüksekti!! Biz eşimle sadece 2 tane fotograf aldık. Video almadık. Rafting yapmayı herkese tavsiye ederiz.



Köln / Deutschland


Fabelhaftes lustiges Wildwasser-Rafting

Diese Tour ist fantastisch! Sie müssen gehen und für 20 € pp inklusive Mittagessen können Sie nichts falsch machen. Landschaft fantastisch! Wasser schön und erfrischend! Stromschnellen super! Andere zu bespritzen hat Spaß gemacht, bis sie es uns wieder angetan haben lol! Kann vom Boot springen und schwimmen, wenn es sicher ist, und es gibt einen Stopp wie eine Tauchplattform von einem hohen Baum, was mein Sohn getan hat, er hat es geliebt! Es war der Höhepunkt unseres Urlaubs. Diese Tour ist nicht zu übersehen, also gehen Sie und genießen Sie.



Dortmund / Germany


Eine perfekte eintägige Aktivität in Side, Türkei!

Von Anfang bis Ende hatten wir die beste Zeit unseres Lebens, voller Lachen und Adrenalin, gepaart mit einer atemberaubenden Aussicht. Hasan, unser Reiseleiter, spielte eine große Rolle in unserer Erfahrung, er war großartig! Dies ist die perfekte eintägige Aktivität. Wenn Sie darüber nachdenken, machen Sie es! Sie werden nicht enttäuscht sein. Wir empfehlen!



Copenhagen / Denmark


Just for fun not the adventure

I can't compared this with another exprience we had in Bali. This one was really bad. It was mainly focused on money. To buy shoes, drink and buy photos and video. It's better to bring your drink with you. The food was awful, specially the taste of bulgur. Dont forget to bring a waterproof cover for your cellphone because the captain didn't have waterproof bag something that our captain had it in Bali & we put our phone & money and drinks in it. About the zipline it was really good and fun. Our captain Sercan was very friendly, careful and kind.



Aalborg / Denmark


What an amazing day!

My girlfriend and I, went to river rafting with Vigo Tours from Side. It was a big lovely day, and we had a lot of fun. The water and nature was beautiful. We had a funny instructor with us in our raft. He made a lot of fun with everyone. The water was a bit cold, but we took a swim anyway.


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Side € 20.00 € 10.00

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Canyoning + Zipline € 20.00
With Quad tour € 20.00

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