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We do the observation tour for brown fish owls either by boat in the early morning with 2 pairs in Oymapınar lake or with 1 pair at night by the stream on the mountain. 1 pair on the mountain are seen throughout the year, although sometimes a little hard to find. Pairs in the lake are seen in the early morning hours between the end of March and the end of June. They are seen very rarely from July. 1 pair on the mountain is completely nocturnal. Due to the daily boat tour traffic of Oymapınar lake, sometimes one or two of the pairs in the lake can be seen even during the day.

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  • Brown fish owls; amazing rare birds!
  • Wonderfull birds in the wonderfull site
  • A private boat trip at Oymapınar lake
  • Brown Fish Owls · Ketupa zeylonensis
  • Brown fish owl Turkey

Full Description

Brown Fish Owl - observation tour

Only the night observation is available.
2023: The brown fish owls that were expected to be seen during morning observation at the Oymapinar lake are unfortunately not visible this year either. As a result, the observation activity for fish owls of this year, same as last will do at night near a stream on the mountain for 2 pairs.

It is possible to book 2 separate observations from this page. These are early morning boating on the lake and nighttime observation by a stream on the mountain.

1- By Night: Near a stream at the mountain from 9pm
2- Boat Lake: By a boat at Oymapinar lake from 7am

Brown fish owls in Oymapınar lake unfortunately cannot be seen this year. For this reason, we are not doing the tours on the lake this year. They are there and seen at night and their call is heard, but not seen in the morning. The reason for this may be that as a result of the purification of the lake from human traffic due to covid, the fish owls have returned to their full nocturnal lifestyle. Instead of a boat tour in Oymapınar lake, we go for the brown fish owls by a stream near Akseki (Night observation by torchlight from 21:00).

The brown fish owl was thought to be extinct in Turkey. However, after a long time they were seen again and recorded. Today their populations have increased remarkably. As a result of several serious birdwatching studies conducted in 2009, three fish owls were found in the Mediterranean region. Today, the population of fish owls in Manavgat and its vicinity is thought to be about 50 individuals.

Brown Fish Owl - Brown Fish owls Turkey: Fish owls are generally birds with reddish brown and yellowish brown feathers. There are black and dark brown stripe-like thick cut hairs on the dorsum. The abdomen is covered with yellowish white hairs. These feathers include fine lines of black or dark brown color. Fish owls have bright golden eyes and pale greenish gray beaks. The top of the heads is flat. The ears are large and covered with feathers. It is a large owl with a length of 55 cm and wings up to 150 cm. Female fish owls are larger than male fish owls.

Fish owls live in trees in lowland plains or in open woodlands along lakes or rivers. They make their nests in caverns on the cliffs, dried trees or old nests of birds of prey. They usually hunt at night but fly in daytime in cloudy weather. They watch their prey over the trees or rocks on which they perched. They feed on frogs, crabs, rodents and reptiles. Unlike other owls, they fly on the surface of the water and catch fish.

Brown Fish Owl - Brown Fish owls Turkey

The Brown Fish Owl, native to Turkey, captivates all who have the privilege of observing it on an excursion with Vigo Tours. These majestic birds with their earthy brown plumage and piercing yellow eyes embody a sense of wisdom and grace that resonates deeply with nature enthusiasts. Through Vigo Tours, travelers are granted a unique opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, creating a profound connection with the beauty of the avian world. It's a truly enriching experience that leaves a lasting impression on the hearts of those fortunate enough to partake in this awe-inspiring adventure.

Price included

  • Observation by night
  • Price per person (minimum 2 people required)
  • Pick up from Side Hotels
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Oymapınar Lake by boat
  • Additional observer

Pick Up Place

Pick up is possible from hotels in Side. The meeting and departure for night observation by a stream on the mountain will be in the evening according to the sunset time.

Pick up Point

Pick up is possible from hotels in Side (main entrance of the hotels).

Details to know

Brown Fish Owl · Ketupa zeylonensis

Flash is not allowed in photography.

1- By Night: Near a stream at the mountain from 9pm
2- Boat Lake: By a boat at Oymapinar lake from 7am

Early reservation is required.
In order to keep fish owls not being disturbed: No camera flash is used and no smoking please.

We will try first little canyon, and then Grand Canyon
(in case no success at the little canyon)

Additional information

About Fish Owls - Ketupa Zeylonensis - Observation tour

To experience the majestic fish owl in its natural habitat, visitors can embark on observation tours either by boat in the early morning on the dam lake near Manavgat or by lantern at night along a mountain stream. The location of the tour is carefully chosen based on the current condition and behavior of the fish owls, which can vary depending on the season.


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15 March 2024 / 15 December 2024 - Price

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Side € 75.0

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+ Birder - Night € 30.0
Oymapinar Dam € 170.0
+ Birder/Oymapinar € 100.0
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Hello, Thank you very much for contacting us about Brown Fish owl observation. We think that when the boat tour traffic on the lake ends in 2020 due to the Corona pandemic, and thus there is no situation to disturb the fish owls, the fish owls have returned to a completely nocturnal state. In addition, boat tour traffic on the lake was very low in 2021. Currently, the fish owls in the lake are not seen during the day. A few attempts in the morning have failed. Unfortunately, there is no boat tour allowed on the lake at night, and there is no boat equipped to make a night tour on the lake anyway. In our night zodiac controls, fish owls were observed at the same known points, but extremely shy and stressed. For all these reasons, we are not doing a fish owl observation tour by boat on the lake this year. Due to this situation of the fish owls in the lake, instead of the lake, we are making a night tour for 1 pair of fish owls by a stream in the Taurus Mountains with the light of a lantern. Unfortunately, 2 failures were experienced in a total of 15 observations we made with the light of a lantern for this 1 pair of fish owls on the mountain since April. One of them was that the observing guest wanted to return, and the search for fish owls was terminated at an early hour. As you know, it is not possible to give a guarantee in bird watching, especially for rare species. We are doing our best. Sometimes it takes 3 hours to find fish owls. We think that the situation in the lake will return to normal in 2023. Best Regards, Vigo Tours
Hello, Thank you for contacting us. First of all, I must say that mid-April is the perfect time for bird watching in the Antalya region. ** The fish owls in the lake have been found again. (I guess you didn't fully read the description on the web page). Both fish owl pairs are in the same place and appear healthy but very nocturnal, probably due to the trauma of the big wild fires last year. We saw both pairs of fish owls with the night zodiac and with official permission. Boat tours on the lake cannot be done at night. ** Last year, and so far this year, when I couldn't see owls in the lake in a few observation attempts, I made my tours with a pair of fish owls by a small creek next to Akseki, at night, with the light of a lantern. I will make an observation tour to the same place again on Wednesday night. ** The owls in the lake (and those in Akseki) are currently incubating. Fish owls in the lake are still not seen in the morning. They may be more relaxed together when the chicks hatch, but that will probably be in mid-May. ** Snowcock can be seen with Demirkazık (Mr. Başar or his uncle). Same with Radde's. Both of them are not bird species of Antalya region, they are birds of high mountains. ** Bird watching tours with Vigo Tours: 1- Boat trip on the lake for fish owls (private) * Very early in the morning (5:30 - 08:30) ** 2- Full day shore bird watching + Akseki mountains and night fish owl watching with a lantern on the mountain. return to hotel 23:30 - may be earlier return according to the time to find the bird. (06:00 - 23:30) ** 3- At night, only fish owl on the mountain (19:30 - 23:30). According to the time to find the bird, there may be an early return ** Red fronted Serin is okay near Akseki but white throated robin is too early to see. From May is possible ** My available dates are: 15, 19 or 20 April ** Best regards, ** Mehmet Özcan Kilic, Birdwatching guide
Hello, Thank you for contacting us. Brown fish owls at Oymapinar lake have unfortunately been not seen since the beginning of last year. So the fish owls at Oymapinar lake were disappeared long before the big wild fire in 2021 in the area. The reasaon might be a very dry winter of 2020 and 2021. So, they left their habitats due to no water and food along their habitat. At the both spot they disappeared beginning of last year. Now we are doing searching for them at the lake. Hopefully we will find them. For fish owls Tours we do night watching with ones near a stream near Akseki by a lantern light. Last friday and yesterday we were there and 1 (mail) was seen. The female is probably is on egg. Kind regards, Vigo Tours

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Tom chinnick


Brown fish owl

Excellent This trip really did live up to expectation. The weather was not great, but my guide persevered and we got brilliant views and photographs of BFO. Extremely friendly, knowledge guide- highly recommended Thank you


Gabriel Leite


Great guide and tour

Ótimo tour. O guia muito esforçado. Não parou até encontrarmos a coruja. Ainda paramos em outros locais e vimos mais duas espécies. Conhece muito bem a região.


Yusuf Caner



Owls are awesome. Thanks vigotours!


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