Excursion from Side to Kekova sunken city

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A day trip from Side to the remarkable archeology sites of Demre and Kekova is a must. At Myra, you can explore ancient Lycian tombs carved into the rock face as well as amphitheatre ruins. A boat tour along the Kekova coastline will take you to an underwater archaeological site known as the Sunken City where you can observe ruins that have been hidden beneath the sea for centuries. And don't forget to visit Santa's Church in Demre, a symbol of long-held Christian traditions in this region.

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About this activity

  • Departure Location: Side
  • Event days:
    Sunday Wednesday
  • Tour duration (Approx - including transfers): 11 Hours
  • Guiding & Support: English , Russian
  • Booking confirmation: Instant confirmation
  • Printed or mobile voucher: Both is accepted.
  • Wheelchair accessible: Available
  • Easy Online Booking: Fast, Easy & SSL Secure Booking
  • Vegetarian & Vegan meal: Available
  • Cancellation policy: Flexible
  • Skip the ticket line: Available
  • Tour ID: 315
  • Other Departure places:
    Antalya Alanya Belek Kemer

Highlights | Overview

  • Demre Myra Tour from Side, Turkey
  • Myra ancient city tour from Side, Turkey
  • Boat trip along the sunken city Kekova from Side, Turkey
  • Ancient St Claus church in Demre tour from Side, Turkey
  • Experience Wonderful coastal views of west side Antalya region on Myra and Kekova tour from Side, Turkey
  • Demre, Myra, St Claus and Kekova tour from Side, Turkey, with pick up from all the hotels in Side, Turkey included

Full Description

Exploring the Historic Wonders of Demre, Myra and Kekova

The purpose of this tour from Side is to enable participants to experience the historical and unique natural beauties on the western side of Antalya. Places to see are Demre, the ancient city of Myra, the church of Santa Claus, Christian icon shops and the sunken city of Kekova. On this tour, there is always a guide to look after the participants, but a full cultural guide service is not offered.

Spend a full day on a unique tour from Side to Demre, Myra and Kekova! This tour takes you to several ancient sites, including the famous Santa Claus Church in Demre and more. You’ll also get to make a stop at a store that produces Christian icons. To end your trip, you’ll go on a 1-hour boat tour around the sunken city of Kekova - an unforgettable experience!

  • Explore history and culture with a day trip from Side to Demre, Myra and Kekova! Discover the ancient city of Myra, bizarre Lycian tombs and take a boat ride in Kekova!
  • Soak in the beauty of the Mediterranean coast on an exciting day trip from Side to Demre, Myra and Kekova. Marvel at the Lycian tombs, visit historical ruins and enjoy boat rides in stunning Kekova.
  • Take a step back into history with a remarkable day trip from Side to Demre, Myra and Kekova! Visit intriguing archaeological remains, discover legends associated with Lycian tombs and take a boat ride around blue waters of Kekova.

Take a trip from Side to the stunning coasts of Antalya and explore all the wonders this area has to offer. Visit Demre and explore the historic city of Myra, home of Lycia rock tombs, and marvel at the stunning Church of Santa Claus. After that, set off on a boat tour around Kekova's beautiful sunken city, spotting breathtaking sights and capturing amazing photos!

If you're visiting Side, why not embark on a captivating guided tour to three wondrous locales? The destinations are Demre, Myra, and Kekova Island. Along the way, you'll marvel at the ancient Lycian ruins located in Myra before taking a pleasant cruise through the pristine waters of Kekova's sunken city — an unforgettable experience for sure!

Side, a stunning coastal town near Antalya, is the perfect base for embarking on a tour of Demre, Myra, and Kekova. In Demre, you can visit the famous Church of St Nicolas, also known as Santa Claus Church which dates back to the 6th century. Afterwards, explore Myra with its own set of ancient ruins before taking an adventure to uncover the sunken city of Kekova. These sites provide an unforgettable insight into Turkey's rich history.

Immerse yourself in the history and beauty of Demre, Myra, and Kekova on our captivating tour from Side! Marvel at the magnificent views overlooking the sparkling blue waters as you explore the secluded islands. Uncover the secrets behind these ancient ruins and appreciate their timeless charm. Enjoy the unique ‘Kekova Blue’ hue of this magical destination even if you don’t understand the native language.

Make your way to Demre, Myra and Kekova for an unforgettable full-day tour from Side! Learn about the origins of Saint Nicholas (internationally known as Santa Claus), whose sarcophagus is preserved in the Memorial Museum of St. Nicholas in his birthplace Patara - one of the famous cities of the Lycian region. Explore his church in Myra which was built to honour him, a patron saint believed to be the protector of sailors and students alike. Finally, get mesmerised by the legendary Sunken City of Kekova on this enchanting day trip!

Price included

  • Pick up from hotels and transportation to Myra & Kekova with air conditioned tour bus
  • Tour Guiding
  • Lunch
  • Boat cruise along the sunken city
  • Drinks and personal expenses
  • Entrance fee to the museum of St.Nikolaus 8€
  • Entrance fee to Myra ancient city 7€

Pick Up Place

A full day amazing daily tour to Myra ancient city in Demre town, Santa claus church, fantastik icons shop and an amazing Boat trip along the sunken city of Kekova from Side, Turkey. Pick up is possible from all the hotels in Side, Turkey, and all the hotels around Side region. We do pick up from all the hotels in Side region.

Pick up Point

A full day memorable tour to Myra ancient city in Demre town, Santa claus church, fantastik icons shop and an amazing Boat trip along the sunken city of Kekova from Side. Pick up point from hotels is the main entrance gate (security check point) of the hotels in Side.

Details to know

Take a day trip to witness the ancient Myra ruins of Demre, the Santa Claus Church and beautiful Kekova sunken city

The Demre, Myra and Kekova tour from Side is a joint venture between Vigo Tours and another tour company. Tour times and itineraries are subject to change. Swimming during the 1-hour boat excursion to Kekova Island may not be allowed at certain times. It is our guests' responsibility to follow the instructions of the tour guide throughout the duration of this excursion.

Be aware that most tour providers operate the same vehicles and guides for multi-ethnic and multilingual trips due to high operating expenses.

Additional information

From Side Hotels, Demre, Myra ancient city and sunken city Kekova tour

Tour itinerary from Side Turkey

Are you looking for an amazing day-tour from Side? Look no further! Join this full-day Demre, Myra and Kekova tour from Side and let us show you our beautiful coastline. We’ll pick you up early morning in comfortable air conditioned buses and travel to Demre. When we arrive there, you’ll visit the ancient city of Myra, take a look at the famous Church of Santa Claus, shop for unique Christian icons and have a delicious lunch included in our price. To make your day even more exciting, we also offer a one hour boat tour to Kekova’s sunken city which will definitely leave you breathless. After all these magical experiences, we'll head back to Side so that your ride ends around 7:30 PM. Don't forget your camera!!

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Zouchal Achmet


Kekova Tour, nice Tour without resonable enough Time.

Time of departure was changed 3 Times, it was a day long trip with at most half an hour time for each sight seeing, thats too short to get even a clue for the things to see and explore. Meal was very expensiv(Drinks where much too expensiv) and not delicious. The St. Nicolaus Church was under maintance and we couldnt see the most parts of the church. Only good Thing was the Tour guide, she was kind and very helpfull.




It was a bad experience!

How could a tour be good with Russian tourists and a Russian guide who speaks poor English? Not with this tour, but Demre and Kekova are worth seeing. By the way, Russian tourists were very happy.


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