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Alanya District of Antalya Province is one of the most important tourism centers of our country, which is known all over the world. Antalya Airport is 124 km, Gazipaşa Airport is 42 km from Alanya city center. Alanya Port serves cruise tourism. D400 Highway, which crosses the entire Mediterranean along the coast, passes through Alanya district center. From Alanya intercity bus service possible to every part of Turkey. It is available in many companies that provide rent-a-car (Alanya Car Rental) and airport transfer services in Alanya.

Alanya has touristic facilities that provide accommodation for every income

Alanya, located in the region between Pamphylia and Klikya in ancient times, was influenced by both cultures. It was under the rule of Turks after the reign of Allaaddin Keykubat (1200-1237), one of the Anatolian Seljuk Rulers, and the name of the city was changed to Alaiye. Atatürk who visited Alanya in 1935 named the city Alanya. Seljuks have used Alanya as a second capital and winter center as well as their capital, Konya. For this reason, Seljuk traces and works are encountered all over Alanya.

Alanya Things to do

Old fulfills new in Alanya with an appealing blend of ancient Seljuk heritage and also modern resort Things to do. Check out a castle of centuries-old spots, go to archaeological galleries and uncover the sensational all-natural elegance of Turkey's Mediterranean shoreline. In addition, Alanya offers appealing sandy beaches, theme park, seafront hotels and also a lively nightlife scene.

Best things to do in Alanya

Alanya began as a fortified castle on a rough peninsula. It is residence to prominent historical destinations such as the 13th-century Alanya Castle, developed by the sultan of the Seljuk dynasty. Walk along zigzagging lanes lined with cafés and souvenir stores to Alanya Shipyard, one of Turkey's last making it through Seljuk dockyards. Look up at the excellent Red Tower, a 108-foot-tall (33-meter) octagonal watchtower.

Alanya tours

Stretching in both directions from the peninsula are safe swimming coastlines mounted by all-inclusive hotels, bars and restaurants. Select one to drink a raki (aniseed-flavored alcohol) and example a Turkish kebab or meze (combined appetizer plate). Sign up with boat trips to magnificent sea caves, consisting of Asiklar Cavern, Kizlar Cavern and also Phosphorus Cavern.

Alanya Excursions

Try Jet-Skiing, parasailing as well as snorkeling at Keykubat Coastline and also Portakal Coastline, running eastern from the shipyard. Go to Damlatas Coastline, near the peninsula's western side, as well as marvel at the stalagmites as well as stalactites of Damlatas Cavern. Continue to Cleopatra Beach, one more prominent watersports center. Tale states that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra once swam right here.

10 Best things to do in Alanya

Away from the beach, galleries retrace the city's history. Spot artifacts from the Byzantine, Footrest, Seljuk and Roman durations at the Alanya Archaeological Museum. Learn about the Turkish revolutionist Mustafa Kemal Ataturk at the Alanya Ataturk Home Gallery.

Enjoy on fairground destinations as well as waterslides at Alanya Lunapark. Search the stores and style outlets of Alanya Shopping center. Enjoy a night out at the mixed drink bars, nightclubs and clubs fixated the historic shipyard. Also be sure to make parasailing in Alanya.

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Get right here by flying to Antalya or Gazipaşa Airport terminal, situated 25 miles (41 kilometers) southern from Alanya's town hall. Trips show up daily from major European locations. Pleasant Mediterranean temperatures make vacations in Alanya pleasurable year-round.

Cultural and fun tours and excursions in Alanya

Alanya Cable Car

Alanya Teleferik, which attracts a lot of attention, was a new way to visit Alanya Castle and its historical monuments. The view of Damlataş and Cleopatra Beaches makes the journey enjoyable while going to the castle from Damlataş Station, which is located next to Damlataş 100. Yıl Park. On the hill, the cable car comes to the bottom of Ehmedek. You can enjoy the view of Alanya and the harbor from the various viewing terraces here. You can go through Ehmedek Castle by climbing some stairs, and enjoy the bird's-eye view of the Cleopatra Beach from the viewing terraces here.

Things to do in Alanya for families

If you are going to buy a full ticket on Alanya Cable Car, round trip ticket prices are cheaper than one way ticket. In addition, student discounts and children aged 0-6 benefit from this service free of charge. You can visit Alanya Teleferik website for current cable car ticket prices.

Things to do in Alanya at night

The Alanya Teleferik company has a cable car line, in which 16 wagons operate continuously. These wagons for 8 people arrive at a station in about 20 seconds. In the wagons that slow down when arriving at the station, descending and riding is done in turn. Alanya Cable Car system only interrupts the transportation in windy weather at the storm level for security reasons.

When you go to Alanya Castle by cable car, the Ehmedek part of the castle will be the first historical monument you will see. When you continue with walking paths from here, you will come across the Suleymaniye Mosque, which belongs to the Seljuk period and was renovated during the Ottoman era. After the mosque, you will see Bedesten. You can visit Sandık Emini Kayhanlar House - Traditional Handicraft Center a little behind the bedesten. In the region where this center is located, there is the Akşebe Sultan Masjid and Tomb and the cistern. You can reach the inner castle of Alanya Castle by following the signs in front of the Handicraft Center. There are ruins of the Seljuk Bath on the road. If you return to Ehmedek from the road in front of the Alanya Lighthouse after you leave the castle, you can turn off the road and visit the Gemili Masjid. Do not forget that Alanya Museum and Damlataş Cave are very close to the station in Damlataş on the lower side.

Things to do in Alanya town

Alanya Boat Tour
Boat tours are organized regularly in Alanya during the tourism season. Alanya boat tours start in April and continue until the end of October. Alanya boat tours are one of the most popular excursions in Alanya. Boat tours are made by private boats that are built and decorated for this job (Pirate). Alanya Yacht Tours are among the things that must be done for those who want to swim in the blue waters of the Mediterranean, cool off and have fun with animation shows.

Things to do in Alanya area

Alanya Boat Tour Program

The companies that provide boat tour services provide your transfer from the hotel you stay to the port. The Alanya boat tour, which has all-inclusive options, leaves the harbor between 9 and 10 am and gives the first swimming break in a very colorful and clear water like an aquarium in front of the Seljuk Shipyard, next to the historical Kızılkule, known as Tersane beach. Here you enjoy swimming with history.

Best things to do in Alanya Turkey

Then the boat, which anchors towards Antalya, stops by the Pirates, Lovers and Phosphorous Caves around the peninsula on which the Alanya Castle was built and offers all the beauties of the Mediterranean to its guests. You will enjoy swimming breaks off the beaches of Damlataş and Cleopatra.

Alanya boat tours, which provide lunch and no-limit soft drinks during the day, maximize entertainment with animation and foam parties in the afternoon. The swimming break in front of Ulaş Park / Beach attracts the attention of the participants. Alanya is another popular stop for boat tours in the new marina.

Alanya boat tours organize disco party tours overnight. Alanya boat tour is on the to-do list, but since the options are many and the businesses are various, it is important to evaluate and choose several options. Do not forget to take your swimsuit, sunscreen, towel, slipper with you, leave the rest to tour boats and experienced staff for a nice trip and fun.


Alanya Castle

Make sure to plan ahead to visit Alanya Castle built on the rocky peninsula. You can start the tour by visiting Kızılkule, Alanya Shipyard and Tophane in the port section. Another suggestion is if you go up to the castle by car, go down on foot.

Alanya Castle above consists of three parts. These are İçkale, Ehmedek (Ortakale) and Outer Castle. While touring between these sections, Akşebe Mescit and Mausoleum and the Süleymaniye Mosque are the works to be visited.

Note: You can visit the Alanya Castle at the same day with the ticket you will buy at the entrance, in the Ehmedek Castle. Therefore, do not throw your ticket. Separate entrance fee is paid for the Kızılkule below.

Alanya Kızılkule (Red Tower)

It is one of the historical symbols of Alanya, the world famous tourism center district of Antalya Province. It was built in the 13th century by the Seljuk Sultan I. Alaaddin Keykubat. Its architect is Abu Ali Reha el Kettani from Aleppo. The Kizilkule port, built with an octagonal plan, was built to protect the shipyard and Alanya Castle against attacks from the sea.

It is written in the name of Alaaddin Keykubat in one of the inscriptions on its outer surface, "Grateful to Allah" and in another inscription, and the date of its construction is April 1226. Limestone is used in the lower parts of Kızılkule, which is 33 meters high, and red brick is used in the upper parts. The red of these bricks named the tower. Kızılkule has five floors including ground floor, first floor, mezzanine, open floor and open terrace with its striking interior structure.

Entrance to the Red Tower is paid. The ground floor and the first floor are used as exhibition halls. The top floor of the tower, which can be visited on all floors, has a beautiful view of the terrace. You can watch the bird's eye view from the tower, the harbor, the shipyard, the city walls, the breakwater and the shipyard beach. The architecture of the building also affects visitors. It is definitely one of the places to be visited and seen in Alanya trips.

Alanya Archeology Museum

Alanya Archeology Museum is located in the center of Alanya. It is close to Damlatas Cave and it is very easy to reach.

It has been renovated in recent years. It is a very beautiful museum with both garden arrangement and hall arrangements. The richness of the works exhibited is another reason for visiting. If you travel to Alanya, you should definitely visit and visit.

The bronze Heracles Statue with a height of 52 cm, dating back to the 2nd century AD, which has been preserved very well as the symbol of the museum, is exhibited in a separate hall.

The garden of the museum is arranged as an open display; It was aimed to explain the necropolis of Roman period with the region-specific ostotecs (bone-ash storage box). Ostoteks constitute an important part of the museum collection and it is possible to see original examples here.

In addition, the Islamic tombstones of the Seljuk, Ottoman and Republican years, Roman column headers and Islamic inscriptions are also exhibited. In another corner of our garden, there is an “agricultural corner” that explains the production of olive oil during the Roman period and which includes tools used in agriculture.

Visiting days: It is open to visitors every day except Monday, between 08.00-12.00 / 13.30-17.30

Alanya Damlataş and Cleopatra Beach

Blue-flagged Damlataş and Cleopatra Beaches are located side by side on the west side of the Alanya Castle, on the historical peninsula at the entrance to Alanya.

Damlataş Beach is the shore in front of Damlataş Cave. It is based on the western skirts of the historical peninsula. It is famous for the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and the Roman Emperor Antonius swimming here. The small bay of the beach, which runs towards the peninsula and consists of large stones, is called Cleopatra. The feature of Cleopatra Bay is the clarity of its water. It is possible to watch the fish and the natural beauty of the sea bottom very easily when swimming with sea glasses.

Cleopatra Beach, which starts right next to Damlataş Beach, is one of the most known, well-known and popular beaches of Alanya district. It has a length of about 2 km.

Both beaches are open to the public free of charge, and sun beds and umbrellas are chargeable. Many beach businesses also have reasonable fees.

Dim Cave

It is easy to reach Dim Cave, which is 11 km away from Alanya center. You can reach Dim Cave from Alanya via Kestel Town, Dim Çay Valley and Tosmur Town via asphalt roads. When the road opposite the entrance of Alanya Faculty of Business continues, this road goes directly to the cave.

It has a very beautiful view in the location and location of Dim Cave. When you arrive at the cave, viewing terraces and binoculars await you at various heights. From here, it is very enjoyable to watch both the valley where Dim River and Alanya Castle are viewed from a bird's eye view.

Dim Cave is 232 m high above sea level and is located on the western slope of Cebel Reis Mountain, 1691 m high. The small lake with stalactites and stalagmites in it offers a wonderful visual feast for those who visit. There are 2 halls in the cave. The part on the right at the entrance is 50 m long and the part on the left is about 350 m long. There is a cool 18-19ºC cool air inside the cave. It is operated by a private company. The company has made beautiful arrangements inside and outside the cave, the environment is clean and well-maintained.

Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Canyon in Alanya is 45.1 km away from the city center and the journey takes about 59 minutes. Sapadere Canyon has at least as impressive and beautiful views as the canyon itself. On the way to Sapadere Canyon, you feel that you are traveling to the heart of the Taurus Mountains. This makes your journey enjoyable.

Transportation to Sapadere Canyon is provided by private tours and private vehicles. There are no scheduled bus tours. Demirtaş town is 15 km away from the canyon and provides transportation to the canyon.

The person who made the Sapadere Canyon today is Alanya Governor Hulusi Doğan. In 2008, Alanya Forestry Management Directorate and Sapadere Village Headquarters organized this natural wonder area and offered it to the service of Turkish Tourism. The natural pool with the waterfall, located at the end of the walking path in the canyon, is one of the most beautiful spots to take pictures or take.

At the entrance of the canyon, which is 750 meters long, there is an area where you can park your car easily, artificial ponds, a single restaurant, a picnic area and a gift shop. Entrance is paid.

Alanya Syedra Ancient City

It is located within the borders of Seki Village, 22 km from Alanya town center. A narrow asphalt road after the main road continues until about 1 km to the ancient city. You can park your car behind the old school. After this, the village road begins. However, it is possible to continue with the off-road vehicle and it is necessary to climb more than 1 km from the village road. Work on arranging walkways and cleaning the maquis area in the ancient city may continue. Alanya District Governorate supports all kinds of works for this area to enter the service of tourism. The dirt village road may also become a normal vehicle in time. Those who want to see the Ancient City of Syedra must be ready for a tight walk. Do not forget to take water with you while climbing the city. The scenery from the ancient city is worth seeing.

Syedra City BC 3rd century was established on a hill where the villages of Kargacı and Seki form the border. As a result of the excavations carried out by Alanya Archeology Museum, it is assumed that the city's history dates back to 7th century BC. The city continued its existence until the 13th century.

The city is entered through the monumental gate that still stands. There are city walls around the ancient city. There are cisterns that come from ancient times and provide water for the city and are fed from natural sources. There is a bath building in the east of the city. Mosaic remains can be seen in its floor. The colonnaded street of the city lies in the north-south direction just west of the bath. Other important buildings in the city are temples, theaters, shops, houses and city walls.

Alara stream

Alara stream is a stream that flows from Akdağ and Kirme mountains of 2.647 m altitude of Central Taurus Mountains and passes through greenery about 62 km in length and pours into Mediterranean. Its current name is Ulugüney Stream. It can be reached from Okurcalar Town of Alanya.

Alara Region, where the stream passes, has been a settlement for many sailors throughout history. It was used as a stopping point for caravans on the Silk Road in the Byzantines, the Seljuks, and during the Ottoman Empire.

The rafting and canoe track at the upper part of Alara Stream starts in Güzelbağ town and ends at Alara Castle. You can also have picnic, swimming, hiking, fishing and taking photo activities at Alara Stream, which has many fish restaurants around. You can visit Alara Castle and Alara Han. Swimming in the very cool waters of the stream is a great pleasure in high summer temperatures. Alara Han is about 38 km from Alanya and 39 km from Side. You can spend a beautiful day in the region, intertwined with history and natural beauty.

Alanya panorama terrace

The pamorama terrace park area organized by the Municipality of Alanya is 650 meters above sea level. Transportation is easy by an asphalt road. It is a beautiful park, picnic and relaxation area where you can watch Alanya from a wide angle.

There is a signboard entrance on Keykubat Boulevard (Antalya-Mersin Highway) within the Alanya. After turning this road, go straight, turn from the old road (Yayla Yolu) to the double road from the first right and go 3 km from the new road to reach the viewing terraces.

There are seating areas, picnic tables, buffets and tea gardens in the area of the observation terraces. The breakfast in this region is very popular.

Alanya Damlatas Cave

Damlataş Cave, located in the coastal area of Alanya center, was formed in a period of 15 thousand years. It attracts the attention of its visitors with its stalactites and stalagmites. The air temperature in it does not change in summer or winter. It was found as a result of a dynamite process in its current location, which was identified as a quarry for use in port construction in 1948.

Damlataş Cave is said to be good for asthma;

Approximately 4 thousand asthma patients visit the cave every year, which is good for asthma and respiratory diseases due to its humidity level of 90 percent and high carbon dioxide.

Asthma patients stay in the cave for a total of 21 days, 4 hours a day. Patients are in the cave between 06.00 and 10.00, when the air inside is clean and closed to tourist visits.

Alanya Turkey

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Vigo Tours offers a fantastic pirate boat trip in Alanya. Alanya has stunning alanya castle and ethnographic museum well worth to visit. In Alanya next to the harbour red tower is well worth to see, one of important symbols of Alanya. Sapadere canyon is a wonderful nature corner of Alanya for nature lovers. Alanya has Dim cave and damlatas caves are well worth to see. You should join boat tripping in Alanya. Alanya is a nice holiday city of mediterranean sea. Next to the red tower alanya shipyard can been in see by the daily boat trips of Alanya. Damlataş cave of Alanya is located by the Damlatas beach which is also called Cleopatra beach. You can have a good holiday in Alanya Turkey with lots of good memories. The views of the sea in Alanya will fascinate you. Cleopatra beach is one of the longest and nicest beaches of Turkey. In the 13th century, the Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubad I (1200-1237) took over the control of the city giving it the name Alaiye. In Alanya daily pirate ship can be booked at Vigo Tours web site. Swimming and sunbathing at the kleopatra beach will fascinate you. Alanya casle is located at the rocky peninsula of Alanya. Alanya is surrounding by high taurus mountains range. You should definetley try traditional turkish bath, and wellness massage.

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