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Blue cruise Turkey: from Kemer to Kekova. You will enjoy this wonderful blue cruise which takes 1 week along the beautiful turquoise coast where Mediterranean and Aegean meet. With its wonderful bays and spectacular views overlooking the Western Taurus Mountains, the west side of Antalya is well suited for a pleasant blue cruise.

About this activity

  • Tour Duration: 7 Days
  • Booking confirmation: Instant confirmation
  • Printed or mobile voucher: Accepted
  • Wheelchair accessible: Available
  • Cancellation policy: FREE Cancellation
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  • Vegetarian & Vegan meal: Available
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  • Skip the ticket line: Yes
  • Tour Guiding: English , Turkish
  • Tour ID: 339
  • Departure Location: Kemer

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  • 7 days on the coast of Western Antalya
  • Blue cruise in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea
  • A unique blue cruise with history, culture and nature
  • Antalya Kemer blue cruise route
  • Gulet Blue cruise Turkey in Kemer

Full Description

Blue cruise Turkey: Kemer to Kekova and the sunken city 7 days in beautiful turquoise waters

Before making online booking please ask for availability.

Blue cruise prices differ according to the months (low season - high season).

Gulet Sailing from Kemer to Kekova and returning to Kemer
7-day blue cruise tour

The west coast of Antalya between Kemer and Kekova stands out as an ideal blue cruise tour.

Kemer, which was an important harbor town during the Lycian period, was a hunting center during the Seljuk Empire. Today, Kemer is one of the world's leading holiday destinations with its natural beauties and magnificent coastal beauty. Today, it is possible to have 4 seasons holiday in Kemer with alternative tourism types. It is also an important stop for yacht enthusiasts with its international marina.

Day 1
Pick up from your hotels in Kemer and transfer to gulet boat in Kemer marina. We will have dinner and accommodation on our gulet tour boat in Kemer marina.

Day 2
After breakfast, we will sail towards Olympos along the stunning coast in the turquoise waters. On the way, you can optionally visit the hidden city. Lunch on our boat. And you can enjoy swimming. Then we will turn our route to the famous Adrasan bay and we will have dinner in Adrasan bay on our boat. You should also enjoy swimming here. We will spend the night at Adrasan Bay.

Day 3
Early in the morning, we will sail to Demre and the ancient port of Andriake before breakfast. We will have our breakfast on our gulet boat in Andriake ancient harbor. Optionally, you can take a tour to the ancient city of Demre Myra. On this tour you can see the ancient city of Myra, rock tombs and Roman theater, and also visit the famous Santa Claus church. And then, we will sail towards the island of Kekova and the sunken city. You will see interesting ancient ruins of the sunken city. Lunch is here. People lived here for a long time.
And here you will enjoy swimming in the magnificent turquoise waters of the island of Kekova. And, for dinner we will anchor in the fishing village of Üçağız and spend the night here.

Üçağız is a very cute fishing village near Demre district of Antalya. Blue cruise is a spectacular conservation area, almost forgotten except for boat trips. The difficult access to this place saved this paradise from human invasion. Fortunately, now it is one of Turkey's best protect the beauty of nature and history.

Üçağız (three mouths) Where does this name come from?
When you look at the sea from the harbor in Üçağız, it is seen that you can reach the open sea from 3 points among the islands. For this reason, it was named as "Üçağız - three mouths".

Day 4
After a delicious breakfast, we will sail to Bayındır Bay near Kaş. We will have our lunch at Bayındır Bay. From here we will sail to Kaş harbor. You can join optional Xanthos, Patara and Saklikent tours from Kas. We will have dinner on our boat in Kas harbor. You can have a great time in Kas, which has a great nightlife. We will spend the night in Kas harbor.

Day 5
After breakfast on board, we will sail to the village of Simena in the turquoise waters. There is no road transport to Simena village, it is only possible to reach by boat from the sea. You can visit the Byzantine and Ottoman castle in this charming village. You can enjoy water sports (optional) at Gökkaya Bay. We will have dinner here and spend the night in this very interesting place. Enjoy it!

Day 6
We'il be in the turquoise waters early. Breakfast is on the way ..
And we will turn our route to Porto Genoese port or Sazak bay. In both places the sea faces steep rocks and the bays there are completely abandoned. We will have lunch here on our gulet boat. Here you can enjoy swimming in the wonderful waters.
And here we sail to Phaselis Bay. Optionally you can take a tour to the famous ancient city of Phaselis. Here you can enjoy swimming and swim ashore. Dinner and overnight stay at Phaselis Bay.

Day 7
After breakfast at Phaselis Bay, we will sail to Alacasu Bay. We're gonna have a great swimming break here. Lunch will be here. Then we will arrive at Kemer Moonlight Bay. Here we will have a pleasant swimming break. From here we will go to Kemer marina and dinner and overnight stay will be in Kemer marina.

Day 8
Breakfast will be at our boat at 09:00 Kemer marina. Our tour will end after breakfast.

Program of Gulet Blue cruise for Kemer to Kekova and to Kemer 7 days - 7 nights - Gulet Blue cruise Turkey in Kemer

The route of this unforgettable blue voyage:
Departure from Kemer marina, Olympos beach, Adrasan bay, and landing from the boat; Demre, Myra and Santa Claus Church tour (exra), Kekova and sunken city by boat, Üçağız, Kaş, Xanthos, Patara and Saklıkent, Simena, Gökkaya Bay, Porto Ceneviz and Phaselis bay. On these wonderful routes, you will have plenty of time to enjoy swimming in wonderful bays with beautiful views. It is very likely that you will encounter caretta caretta sea turtles while swimming in the uniquely beautiful bays on the route. In addition, there will be stops on the route where you will experience the colorful nightlife. And you will be able to visit local bazaars at some stops on our route.

  • Day 1: Pick-up from the hotels and transfer to the boat. Dinner on the boat.
  • Day 2: Breakfast on the boat in the marina in Kemer. Sailing towards Olympos and Adrasan. Lunch on the boat. Dinner and overnight stay at Adrasan Bay. Today optional: visit to the hidden city. Swimming breaks
  • Day 3: Breakfast on the boat. Demre Andriake harbor and Üçağız fishing village. Optional: Demre, Myra and Santa Claus church tour. Swimming Breaks. Lunch and dinner on the boat. Overnight stay in Üçağız fishing village.
  • Day 4: Breakfast on board. Bayındır Bay and Kaş Harbor. Optional: Xanthos, Patara and Saklikent tours. Lunch and Dinner on the boat. Overnight in Kas harbor. Swimming break.
  • Day 5: Breakfast on the boat. Simena village. Simena castle. Gökkaya bay swimming break. Swimming breaks. Lunch and Dinner on the boat. Overnight in Simena village.
  • Day 6: Breakfast on the boat. Porto Ceneviz bay or Sazak bay. And Phaselis bay. Swimming breaks. Optional: Phaselis ancient city tour. Lunch and dinner at Phaselis Bay. Overnight at Phaselis Bay.
  • Day 7: Breakfast on the boat. Alacasu bay and Moonlight Bay. Swimming breaks. Lunch and Dinner on the boat. Overnight in Kemer marina.
  • Day 8: Our tour ends after breakfast on board.

Price included

  • Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea)
  • Fuel, port fees, utility water, blue cruise service
  • Standard yacht equipment, board games, snorkel, goggles, fishing line
  • Clean sheets and bath towels
  • Yacht insurance (We recommend that you take out your own travel insurance)
  • Air Conditioner 6-8 hours daily
  • All drinks, including water, are sold on the boat at affordable prices
  • Please do not bring your own drinks to the boat
  • Please bring your own towels
  • Entrance fee to archaeological sites and national parks
  • Optional land tours and ruins, diving fees

Know before you go

Pick Up Place

We pick up from all hotels in Kemer center and nearby holiday resorts. We do not have pickup service from areas far from Kemer marina. Reservation is accepted as "meeting at Kemer marina" for hotels without pickup service. We will inform you about this right after your reservation.

Pick up Point

Lobby of the hotels or Kemer Marina

Important information

Gulet Blue Cruise Turkey

Cabin charter from Kemer to Kekova and to Kemer 7 Days 7 Nights

Kemer city, Olympos, Adrasan, Demre, Myra, St.Nicholas Church, Sunken City of Kekova, Üçağız, Kaş, Xanthos, Patara and Saklikent, Simena, Gökkaya Bay, Porto Genoese, Phaselis

Passengers can bring snacks such as fruit, nuts, muesli, yogurt, chocolate. (Not sold on board)

All drinks and also water are sold on board at reasonable prices
Please do not bring your own drinks to the boat
Please bring your own towels

In bad weather and / or bad sea conditions, this program is subject to change without notice.

Price is per person in double cabin but Single use of cabin is possible with surcharge 60% of normal price.


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