Kemer Blue Cruise
Kemer is a case of one of Turkey's most important holiday destinations. You can enjoy wonderful holiday activities in Kemer where you can enjoy with its magnificent nature and historical beauties. With Kemer Blue Cruise programs, you will have the chance to spend wonderful holidays in the middle of a magnificent beauty.

Located between Olympos and Antalya as a geographical location, Kemer has romantic romantic beaches and dozens of romantic bays with its location in the most beautiful corner of the Mediterranean. There are dozens of different natural beauties waiting for you in a wide area ranging from the exquisite green of the Taurus Mountains to the magnificent blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

Kemer, which is a wonderful region where thousands of years of magnificent history is reflected to our day, was used as a very important port city in the Lycian period and as a hunting center in the Seljuks. This city, which was famous for citrus orchards until the 1980s, has rapidly developed into one of the world's major tourism destinations.

Bored with the somewhat noisy atmosphere of the city, holidaymakers and nature enthusiasts began to engage in some alternative activities offered by Kemer. Among these alternatives, the holiday activities known as blue cruise or blue voyage have turned into a structure that offers the natural beauties of turquoise waters to the sea enthusiasts.

On one side of Kemer, there are entertainment, wonderful holiday facilities and great holiday concepts, while on the other side there is the peaceful silence and calmness of turquoise waters.

As an important blue cruise point, Kemer attracts attention with its proximity to other blue cruise destinations and is among the starting stops of the blue voyages to these regions. Olympos is one of the beauties that attract attention with its proximity to this region. Most of the blue cruise programs are made to this region. The natural beauty and unspoiled structure of the Çıralı, Olympos and Adrasan beaches provide a high level of satisfaction to the passion of the sea in Blue cruise tours.

In addition, regions such as Kekova and Demre are very popular blue cruise routes. The fact that this natural area, where the magnificent ruins of the Lycian period is located, is not accessible by land and is only accessible by sea, is the most important element that preserves the natural beauty of Kekova and its surroundings. The area is under archaeological protection.

Places such as the historic fortress of Simena and the sunken city of Kekova are among the main attractions of the blue cruise. And these historical and natural beauties do not have any equivalent in the world. In addition, attractions such as Santa Claus Island, Blue Cave and Üçağız are the must-see places for blue cruise tours.

Kemer is a true holiday paradise with everything from a to z, and has natural magical beauties that can give you whatever you want. With its interesting structure and beauties, you will be able to enjoy the natural and historical beauties of Kemer or the environment with the blue cruise tours you will make throughout the region.

You can enjoy a wonderful opportunity and experience these beauties with blue cruise tours in Kemer, which you can choose for an unforgettable holiday experience and a habitual holiday.

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