Gulet Yacht Blue Cruise: Experience the Beauty of Turkey from Kemer to Kekova

What is Blue cruise?

A blue cruise, also known as a blue voyage, is a popular nautical vacation experience that typically involves sailing on a wooden yacht along the stunning Turquoise Coast of Turkey.

The concept of a blue cruise originated in the 1970s when adventurous travelers sought a more tranquil and intimate way to explore the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Blue cruises offer a unique blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural discovery, allowing passengers to unwind in the lap of luxury while marveling at the breathtaking coastal landscapes, picturesque fishing villages, and ancient ruins that dot the Turkish shoreline.

Blue cruise Turkey itineraries often include stops at iconic destinations like Bodrum, Fethiye, and Marmaris, where guests can swim in crystal-clear waters, dine on delicious Turkish cuisine, and soak up the Mediterranean sun.

Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a first-time cruiser, embarking on a blue cruise in Turkey promises an unforgettable journey filled with serenity, enchantment, and endless blue horizons.

What is Gulet?

A gulet is a traditional wooden sailing yacht often found in the Mediterranean Sea, particularly popular along the coasts of Turkey and Croatia. These vessels typically boast spacious decks, comfortable cabins, and are well-equipped for leisurely cruises.

Gulets are known for their distinctive design, characterized by their broad beam, shallow draft, and multiple masts with sails.

The term "Gulet yacht" has become synonymous with luxury and relaxation, as these vessels offer a perfect blend of traditional charm and modern amenities.

Passengers can enjoy panoramic views of the sea, indulge in delicious cuisine prepared by onboard chefs, and partake in various water activities such as snorkeling or swimming.

Overall, a Gulet yacht experience promises a serene and unforgettable journey through picturesque coastal landscapes.

7 nights 8 days blue cruise from Kemer

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure on the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea? Embark on a Gulet yacht Blue Cruise from Kemer to Kekova for 7 nights and 8 days of pure bliss. Let's dive into the experience of cruising along the stunning Turkish coastline, exploring ancient ruins, and relaxing in luxury onboard your own private yacht.

Blue Cruise Experience on a Gulet Yacht

The term "Blue Cruise" originated in Turkey and refers to a leisurely journey along the turquoise coast on a traditional wooden Gulet yacht. These handcrafted vessels offer a unique blend of comfort, luxury, and authenticity, making them the perfect choice for exploring the hidden gems of the Turkish Riviera.

Day 1: Setting Sail from Kemer

Your adventure begins in the picturesque port town of Kemer, where you will board your Gulet yacht and set sail towards the charming village of Kekova. As you leave the bustling marina behind, the cool sea breeze and the gentle lapping of the waves will instantly put you in a state of relaxation.

Day 2-6: Cruising Along the Turquoise Coast

During the next five days, you will cruise along the stunning Turkish coastline, stopping at secluded coves and hidden bays along the way. Dive into the pristine waters for a refreshing swim, or try your hand at snorkeling to discover the vibrant marine life below the surface.

Day 7: Explore the Ancient Ruins of Kekova

On the seventh day of your Blue Cruise, you will arrive at the ancient city of Kekova, known for its sunken ruins and rich history. Take a guided tour of the archaeological sites, including the partially submerged Lycian tombs and the enchanting village of Simena, accessible only by boat.

Day 8: Return to Kemer

As your journey comes to an end, savor the last moments of serenity onboard your Gulet yacht as you sail back to Kemer. Reflect on the unforgettable memories you've made along the way, from swimming in secluded bays to exploring ancient ruins steeped in history.

A Journey to Remember

In conclusion, a Gulet yacht Blue Cruise from Kemer to Kekova is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that combines luxury, adventure, and culture in the most breathtaking setting. Whether you're seeking relaxation or exploration, this unique journey offers something for everyone. Book your Blue Cruise today and embark on an unforgettable voyage through the stunning landscapes of Turkey's Mediterranean coast.

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