Best Things to do in Kusadasi

Kusadasi has a big cruise ship port. Many cruise ships are anchoring at Kusdasi port evey year. The Basilica of St. John was a basilica in Ephesus near Kusadasi constructed by Justinian I in the 6th century. Spend the day at ladies beach and to the evening to join the traditional turkish night show will be very enjoyable holiday acitivities for holiday makers of Kusadasi. Pigeon Island, which gave its name to Kuşadası, is connected to Kuşadası by a breakwater. Pigeon Island, which has a great strategic importance for the Genovans, was used during the Ottoman period to prevent attacks from the islands against the Peloponnese revolt. Experience the wellness massage at traditional turkish bath in Kusadasi. Ephesus Turkey is wonders of the ancient world. Full day trip to Pamukkale can be booked at Vigo Tours web site online. Roman era : In 200BC Kusadasi and its environs were dominated by the Roman Empire, and with the division of the Roman Empire, it became a state of Byzantine. Kusadasi had some good shopping center and bazaar. Ephesus archaeological museum, Ephesus and in the vicinity of Mike, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and as well as cultural activities are very important works of the Ottoman era, and also with visitor capacity is one of Turkey's most important museums. Dilek national park is located 26 km south of Kusadasi. Day trips in Kusadasi can be booked at Vigo Tours web site online. Mehmet Pasha Caravanserai is located near Kuşadası Pier, and was built by Grand Vizier Öküz Mehmet Pasha in 1618. Terrace houses within the borders of Ephesus Ruins are a settlement area consisting of "seven houses" belonging to the Roman period of the ancient city. These very well preserved houses were built on terraces at the foot of Bülbül Mountain. The Mysterious House of Selçuk, Virgin Mary Church, 7 km from Selçuk, this house is a frequent destination for many visitors today. For a ful day water park activity in Kusadasi contact Vigo Tours.

Must do's in Kusadasi

Kusadasi is a lively holiday resort that can satisfy everyone's needs. Whether you like to explore, relax on one of the many beautiful beaches or want to bargain, Kusadasi has it all. This is 41 must-dos on holiday in Kusadasi...

1- Visit the ancient city of Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary. A holiday to Kusadasi is not complete without visiting the spectacular ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus and the peaceful house of the Virgin Mary.

2- Sit in the port and watch the cruise ships come and go

Sip a glass of Frappuccino at Starbucks in the Scala Nuova shopping center and watch the cruise ships come and go.

3- Dine in a Turkish restaurant to truly understand delicious Turkish cuisine

Visit Bul Bul, Avlu, Alo24 or one of the many other Turkish restaurants, and taste delicious dishes and great prices like a local.

4- Spend a day in the many beaches of Kusadasi

Ladies Beach, Long Beach, Silver Sand Beach or Love Beach, everyone offers different activities for you to spend a perfect day.

5- Have a drink at the rooftop bar of Dejazar Wine Bar

Relax with a cold Efes or a glass of red wine on Dejazar’s fabulous rooftop terrace and enjoy the beautiful sunset on the Kusadasi Pier.

6- Explore Pigeon Island and visit the museum

Pigeon Island, also known as Bird Island, is the symbol of Kusadasi, and Kusadasi is named Bird Island. Visit the museum inside the old Byzantine castle, or just sit back and enjoy the panoramic view of Kusadasi.

7- Take a jeep trip to explore the surrounding area of ​​Kusadasi

Spend a day exploring the mountains of the national park or the hills behind Sirince in an off-road jeep. Today is really interesting, dirty day, constantly fetching water between jeeps, including lunch.

8- Spend a day on the slides of Adaland or Aqua Fantasy

Adaland and Aqua Fantasy are the two main water parks in Kusadasi. Spend the car’s landing slide on slides such as Black Thunder and Kamikaze, take part in the rain dance or simply relax and float on the Lazy River on the rubber ring.

9- Visit Selcuk Town

Selcuk is a small town 20 minutes away from Kusadasi, Turkey. It is one of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations due to its closeness to Ephesus. Selcuk also has other attractions, including the castle, St. John’s Cathedral and Isabey Mosque. You should also try the famous (very delicious) "çöpshis" (small pieces of roast lamb and fat) in one of the many restaurants.

10- Walk around the Selcuk market on Saturday morning

The Selcuk market is held every Saturday from early morning to late night. Browse the many stalls where you can bargain. The Dolmus (minibus) departs from Kusadasi to Selcuk regularly and costs 4 lire per person one way.

11- Visit the ancient Greek village Sirince

This picturesque village is 30 kilometres from Kusadasi, where there are small cafes and wine houses with stunning views of fields, orchards, vineyards and olive trees. Taste traditional Turkish pancakes called "gozleme" in one of the many cafes, and taste Sirince to produce the famous fruit wine. Take Dolmus to Selcuk and then from Selcuk bus station to Sirince.

12- Go on a horse riding trip and swim with the horse

If you like horseback riding, it is a trip for you. Hike through the forest and over the mountains until you reach the village beach in Pamucak, where you have the opportunity to swim with horses and gallop along the beach.

13- One day trip to Izmir Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey, 85 kilometers away from Kusadasi

The palm-lined promenade is full of bars, restaurants, cafes and shops. The old-fashioned ferry is the best way to explore the city. It takes you across the beautiful bay and is a great way to experience one of the most cosmopolitan and lively cities in Turkey. Izmir will host an international art festival in June/July, and an international fair in the Alsancak district in August/September.

14-Visit the national park and enjoy the clean and clear beach

Located 30 kilometers (19 miles) south of Kusadasi, towards Guzelcamli, you will find a beautifully preserved national park called Millipark in Turkish. Whether you like hiking on mountain trails or relaxing on the beach, the national park is a little paradise. This is a great place for snorkeling or picnics on one of the four main beaches.

15- Take a dip in the cave of Zeus

Before entering the national park, hidden by trees and flowers, you will find the mysterious and mysterious Zeus cave. It is usually the last stop of a jeep safari because the sparkling deep mineral water in the cave makes it an ideal swimming place. Summer is very cold, which is a real relief from the uncomfortable heat.

16- Enjoy a delicious meal on the ladies beach while watching the beautiful sunset

The Ladies Beach Promenade filled with shops, bars and restaurants is the ideal place to end the day. One of the most popular restaurants, "Somewhere Else" offers exquisite meals, and there is a lovely seating area outside where you can dine and watch the sunset on Samos.

17- Take a boat trip in the bay near Kusadasi

If you do not travel by boat, the journey to Kusadasi is not complete. It will be a good day to discover nearby areas that can only be reached by boat. Stop for a swim in the crystal clear water, and then enjoy lunch at sea. Lunch usually includes fish, burgers, rice, pasta, salad, and bread.

18- Visit Hamam and enjoy Turkish bath

The Turkish bath is called hamam and is an experience not to be missed when visiting Turkey. Relax in a steam bath on a heated stone table called goebektasas, while tellak (staff) massages and peels off the skin with rough gloves. You should visit hamam in the first few days of your holiday because it can sunbathe your skin and make your tan last longer.

19- Go to Pamukkale for a day trip

Pamukkale is one of Turkey's most extraordinary natural wonders. The biggest attraction is the wide white cliff side, scallop-shaped water basin and frozen waterfall. It looks like it is made of snow, clouds or cotton balls, which is great. Walking along the top of the cliff is a bizarre and wonderful experience. For hundreds of years, mineral-filled water overflows the edge of the cliff, leaving behind a white waterfall. Take a dip in the charming hot springs called Cleopatra Pool. There is a folding Roman column at the bottom and beautiful flowers around it, which is a very relaxing experience.

20- Explore the Aphrodisiac city of ancient Greece

The ancient city of libido was once a small city in Caria, Asia Minor. It is located near the modern village of Geyre, about 170 kilometers from Izmir. Wander through the archaeological area and see the ruins of the theater and Hadrian’s Baths. Must visit the museum, the museum has a collection of sculpture treasures, Roman statues from the Ancient Roman period and Bronze Age ceramics.

21- Climb to the top of Ataturk Mountain and see the true beauty of Kusadasi

On the hill overlooking Pigeon Island, you will notice a famous statue of Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic. It overlooks the best view of Kusadasi, the best view of Kusadasi. The road to the top of the mountain is quite steep, so taking a taxi is the best way to get there.

22- Spend the day and/or night in a beach club in Kusadasi

There are four main beach clubs in Kusadasi-Eleven, Emerald, Miracle and Elias. During the day, you can relax and rest on the big cushions and hammock to absorb the sun. By night, the music becomes louder and the drinks start to flow, and you can dance until the early morning. There is a small admission fee, and the price is usually higher on weekends.

23- Participate in the Atv Quad safari park-fun and dirty day guaranteed

Just like traveling by jeep, four-wheel travel is also suitable for those who like day trips. Drive along the quadrilateral along the dirt road, then enter the beach, drive along the sand dunes, and then swim in the sea for more excitement.

24- Go to Degirmen Restaurant

Located on the road between Kusadasi and Davutlar, you will find the Degirmen restaurant. Located on a pleasant green land, there is a large pond with many ducks and Indiana Jones Rope Bridge, a zoo, a cafe, a bakery and many animals including horses, peacocks, donkeys, chickens, goats and even camels. A favorite for families with children. The restaurant, which is open all year round, is decorated with ancient Turkish decorations and has a fireplace, offering an exquisite menu. The hotel also has a small cafe that serves gozleme and other Turkish snacks.

25- Back in time in Kirazli Village

Kirazli Village (English: Kirazli Village) is named Cherry Village in English. If you only see the truly peaceful Turkey that still exists, it is worth a visit. This picturesque village can be reached by car or car, making you feel like you are in the hustle and bustle of Kusadasi, in another world. Kirazli is a great place to wander around, there are some lovely restaurants offering meals from local organic food-Kirazli is dedicated to organic farming-where you can enjoy light meals And tranquility. There is a weekend cherry festival in June, so this village is the busiest. Traditional dances and handicrafts are displayed there, and there are fruit stalls everywhere.

26- Visit the mosque

Visiting the mosque is a profound experience and it will make you feel very calm and peaceful. Make sure to follow the following rules, for example, do not point the camera at anyone who may be praying, wear appropriate clothing to avoid disrespect for believers, and take off your shoes before entering the mosque. The Turkish people welcome you to their country with open arms and warm smiles. Learn some simple phrases in Turkish, they will not be appreciated. The Turkish people really do their best to make your vacation as good as possible, and Turkish hospitality often makes tourists return home year after year.

27- Integrate as much as possible with the Turkish people

Turk The Turkish people welcome you to their country with open arms and warm smiles. Learn some simple phrases in Turkish, they will not be appreciated. The Turkish people really do their best to make your vacation as good as possible, and Turkish hospitality often makes tourists return home year after year.

28- Visit one of the Kusadasi market

There are 3 markets in Kusadasi. *Tuesday market is a fruit and vegetable market. *The Wednesday market is the clothing and textile market. Very busy, busy and busy. Compared with all the latest genuine and fake brand-name products, the price is cheap. *The Friday market is located at the same place as the Wednesday market and sells fruits and vegetables. The market is the most popular on Wednesday, with stalls full of spices, souvenirs, bags, jeans and other clothes. Bargaining is a must, if you feel you are going to be ripped off, just walk away.

29- Doganbet the Old Village

On the edge of the national park, you will find the old village of Doganbey, which dates back to ancient times. This village is like an open-air museum, showing the most beautiful examples of Turkish and Greek architecture with traces of past civilizations. The visitor and information center is located in a historic building, next to a church and a church. This village was formerly known as Domatia and was inhabited by the Greeks until it became a population exchange for Turkish villages in 1923. Part of the building restored in 2001. The site is open from 8.30 to 18.00 7 days a week and is close to Priene.

30- Shop until you put it down

Kusadasi is a paradise for shoppers. There are many tourist shops selling souvenirs, jewelry, carpets and leather, as well as markets and shopping centers. You can find many counterfeit brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein etc. Jeans, handbags, sunglasses, belts and watches seem to be the most popular items to buy, and you have to bargain. The tip is to start with a ridiculously high number, and then gradually decrease it until you feel you can get a lot. Some store items are marked with price tags, so you don’t need to bargain.

31- Enjoy a traditional Turkish breakfast

A typical Turkish breakfast includes slices of beyaz peynir (white cheese), honey or jam, black olives, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, curdled buffalo butter (kaymak), boiled eggs and piles of delicious fresh Turkish bread and hot black tea In small tulip-shaped glasses. This is a good way to prepare you. The most popular place for Turkish breakfast is in Sirince or Hanimaga restaurant in Kirazli.

32- Try to always spend a night in the oriental bar in the old town

Hidden in the heart of Kaleici, the old district of Kusadasi, you will find The Orient Bar. With live music, vines hanging from the ceiling, ancient Turkish musical instruments and pictures on the wall, you will truly feel the feeling of a Turkish tavern.

33- Rafting in Adaland

Adaland is one of the most popular water parks in Kusadasi and has been voted as one of the best water parks in the world by the New York Post. If you visit Adaland, you must do white water rafting. It can be completed between 14.45 and 15.45 per day, at an extra charge of 10 lire per person.

34-Visit Turkish hairdresser

With the emergence of several generations of harem ladies, Turkish women know how to take care of themselves. If they can afford it, they will visit the local hairdresser every week. If you forget to wax before you leave, try the hot sugar and white linen strips that are perfectly used all over the world, and to get the perfect eyebrow shape, all you need is a twisted cotton cloth, a pair of good eyes and a stable Hands. For men, going to the barber shop is an unforgettable journey. Old-fashioned razor with a sterile disposable blade attached to the razor. Then rinse it off, pat dry, pat the cologne and massage the cream, then dust it. For those with cracked nostrils or ears, here is a treat! They wielded a handy small playing card tool, skillfully burned the creepy hair, and then made tweezers for the stubborn stray hair remaining on the upper cheek. An unforgettable experience, perhaps the best shaving experience you will have.

35- Enjoy the night at Turkish Night

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, the Turkish night held in the beautiful old merchant house is a night you will not forget. Accompanied by traditional Turkish music, folk dances and belly dancing, it makes traditional Turkish entertainment a wonderful evening. Tickets include beer and wine, and you can watch the show while tasting a delicious buffet.

36-Tandem skydiving in Selcuk and admire the miracle of Ephesus from the air

Selcuk Ephesus Airport provides holidaymakers with the opportunity to skydive, parachute, take a flight or perform a low-light air show. If you are an adrenaline junkie, then this is for you, overlooking Ephesus, the port, the beach and other areas of Kusadasi for an unforgettable holiday. Provide customized routes.

37- Visit Adalan's New Ocean Park

The newest member of the Adaland Empire is the new Seapark, which is a great day for all families. From the large shipwreck and glass windows into the aquarium room, you can discover the underwater world of dolphins, sharks and tropical coral reefs. There is a dolphin pool, shark tank, tropical reef, stingray pool and a man-made beach. Its layout is very beautiful, with gardens and a lazy river, where you can relax. For those who want more hands-on, there is a chance to dive with sharks, swim with dolphins and feed stingrays.

38- Davutlar thermal bath

Spend a relaxing day in one of the Davutlars resorts-Natur Med Hotel and Radon Thermal. The mineral content of Natur Med is 5 grams per liter and the temperature is 41ºC. The mineral content of Radon Thermal is more than 6 grams per liter and the temperature is 42ºC. Because they contain a lot of natural minerals, Turkish thermal baths have healing and healing properties.

39- Scuba diving

Go on a scuba diving adventure and explore the underwater world of Kusadasi. There are 3 main dive sites in Kusadasi Bay-Coastal Diving, Balabras Reef and Addabambo Reef. There are many diving centers in Kusadasi, among which the most popular is Aqua Venture, which offers various diving plans and certificates. Uncertified divers will always be with qualified and experienced divers, so if you have always wanted to do this, now is your opportunity.

40-Soke shopping store

The Soke Factory Outlet Store is about 40 minutes away from Kusadasi, along the main road to Bodrum. There are 4 outlets next to each other and you can find many shops, including Quiksilver, Adidas, Nike, Benetton, Billabong, Levis and Toys R Us. From Kusadasi (Kusadasi) to Soke (Soke) cabins can reach the shop.

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