Blue Cruise Bodrum
One of the key points for a blue wonderful journey in Turkey's Aegean coast is the port of Bodrum. The Gulf of Gokova, which is considered the best cruise point in Europe, is a great place for the start of the blue voyage in this area.

Sea enthusiasts, looking for joy in the blue of the sea, dream of having a pleasant time in the tranquil atmosphere of the sun, blue, turquoise waters and green together. For this, the blue voyages, which are held in Bodrum in the summer, attract the attention of sea enthusiasts.

Not only with its bays but also with its history, culture and interesting stories, Bodrum is waiting for sea lovers who want to have a pleasant time. Although the climate is very hot in the summer months in this region with the Aegean and Mediterranean climate, the humidity rate never reaches a size that will disturb the holidaymakers.

Sea lovers who want to take a blue cruise from Bodrum during the period between June and September prefer to book their places as of December.

Blue Cruise Bodrum vacationers who want to spend a pleasant time in the depths of nature and history by leaving Bodrum; They set off early to enjoy the wonderful Bodrum routes. In these routes, which can last up to 7 days under favorable conditions, the nature is perfect, so waiting to be discovered.

Sea enthusiasts can leave Bodrum and go to Göcek 12 islands, Greek islands and the unique turquoise waters of the Aegean. Alternative great routes are also available. Fethiye, Göcek and many other Aegean coasts and bays are the most enjoyable routes to travel through Bodrum.

Blue Cruise Services and Crew
Blue cruise tours are equipped to meet the needs and preferences of marine enthusiasts. The crew works hard to ensure that guests have a comfortable and peaceful blue cruise. From the moment the boat sails, all needs for food and drink will be prepared. The variety of food is achieved thanks to expert chefs who know their job well. Service quality and its continuity are determined according to customer satisfaction. Blue tour services include; In addition to sports activities, diving activities are also possible for passengers to explore the sea interactively. It is also possible for some hotels to enjoy water sports activities along the blue cruise route.

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