Wellness massage at the traditional Turkish Bath in Kemer


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Experience massage and scrubbing in a traditional Turkish bath in Kemer. Relax with a full body massage in Turkish bath in Kemer. Experience traditional massage and bath culture in Turkish bath in Kemer. Get great skin health with deep skin cleaning in Turkish bath in Kemer. For Turkish bath in Kemer, book with Vigo Tours. Wellness massage in Kemer Vigo Tours.

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Full Description

Wellness massage at the traditional Turkish Bath Hamam

Hammam (Arabic: hammam) is a place used for bathing with hot and cold water, and heated by a special arrangement.

Massage is a faithful friend of the heart and mind!

The history of the bath dates back to the ancient Romans. Excavations in the city of Pompeii under the ashes after the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius revealed the baths used by the Romans. It is understood that these baths are not only for cleaning but also for pleasure and entertainment. Since there was a class difference in the Romans, the entrance doors of the slaves and nobles and the places where they were washed were separated in the baths. The Roman baths also had steam baths, cold and hot water pools.

The relaxation massage of our experienced Massage team will enchant you. Our masseurs trained in massage provide a professional massage service that is good for your body and mind. After the massage, you will fully relax and enjoy your vacation.

The word, "hamam", stemming from the Arabic hamma (means "warming up"), indicates sauna bath and is based on the heating of cool water. Bathrooms were used as health and wellness centres among the ancient Greeks as well as have been a vital part of every day life in Istanbul given that Roman as well as Byzantine times.

Massage provides natural and permanent beauty!

The Turkish bathroom as a social establishment played an essential function both in the socialization and segregation of Ottoman males and females (in a manner equivalent to the harem). The Public baths were present in the cities, towns and in some villages, and were open to every person.

Frequent massage delays aging!

Treat your body like the holy place it is with a 1.5-hour Turkish bath experience at a hammam during your holiday in Turkey. This refreshing hammam experience begins with a comforting sauna on heated stones, then follows with a healthy and balanced scrub as well as peeling, then a purifying body and hair wash, and finishes with a calming oil massage therapy. A conventional way to rejuvenate your body, the hammam will certainly recover your skin as well as promote healthy and balanced blood flow.

Health and relaxation from water since ancient times: Hamam & Turkish Bath

Free shuttle service

We are also happy to offer you our free shuttle service from your hotel to our wellness center and back!

Enjoy wellness and health massage and traditional Turkish bath culture in Kemer Turkish bath

It will be great for you to relax and experience the body massage in Kemer Turkish bath. Enjoy the traditional Turkish bath in Kemer Turkish bath for health and wellness. Health and wellness with foam massage and scrub in Kemer Turkish bath. Relax your body with aromatic oil massage in Kemer Turkish bath. Experience the pleasure of traditional Turkish bath culture and massage together with Kemer Turkish Bath. You will get a great wellness with full body massage in Kemer Turkish bath. Try massage for wellness in Kemer Turkish bath. Feel like you are reborn with a scrub, foam massage and oil massage in Kemer Turkish bath. Kemer turkish bath will make you enjoy the thousands of years of bath and massage tradition. Discover the magic power of hot water and massage in Kemer Turkish bath.

Wellness and health massage in Kemer Turkish Bath

Experience traditional cleaning and wellness massage in Kemer Turkish bath. Kemer Turkish bath is included in our pick-up and drop-off price from hotels in the Kemer region for wellness massage. You can make reservations for the Turkish bath in Kemer every day, between 09:30 and 18:00, for wellness and health massage.

Kemer traditional Turkish bath and wellness massages

With the traditional aromatic oil massage in Kemer Turkish bath, you will have given your body an excellent reward. The herbal aromatic oil massage that will be cleaned with foam massage and scrub in the Turkish bath in Kemer will provide vitality and health. Do not miss Kemer Turkish bath and full body massage pleasure. Kemer turkish bath foam massage, scrub and aromatic oil massage price is quite reasonable, price is expensive in hotels for the same service, avoid paying more in hotels. Reserve with Vigo Tours Kemer for wellness and health massage in Kemer Turkish Bath.

Price included

  • Pick-up and drop off from Kemer hotels
  • Sauna & Steam room
  • Scrubbing (Peeling), with coffee
  • Foam massage
  • Pool Jacuzzi
  • Face mask
  • 30 minutes of aromatic oil classic massage
  • Coffee peeling
  • Türkish coffee
  • Extra massage & extra spa facilities

Know before you go

Pick Up Place

For wellness massage in Turkish bath (Hamam in Kemer) in Kemer, pick up from all the hotels in Kemer and all Hotels around Kemer is possible, and included in the price. Hotels in Kemer Tekirova, Hotels in Camyuva Kemer, Hotels in Kiris Kemer, Hotels in Kemen centrum, Hotels in Gonuk Kemer, Hotels in Beldibi.

Pick up Point

For wellness massage in Turkish bath (Hamam) in Kemer, pick up point is the main entrance gate (security check gate) of the hotels by outside the hotel border.

Important information

Female masseuse personnel for Ladies is always available.

The Inside Hamam is extremely warm and also humid like sauna. Please make sure you do not have any type of illness concerning high moisture.

Children and Teenagers are offered no peeling and no massage therapy.

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Очень оригинальный и хороший опыт!

Сегодня мы были с друзьями в этом чудесном месте в Кемере. Есть с чем сравнивать - это лучшее место в Кемере и не только. Мы были в хаммаме, сделали оздоровительный массаж - ощущение было как возрождение!!!!!! Вы будете очень расслаблены и освежены ароматическими маслами, массажем, пилингом и массажем, а также полным очищением! Мы рекомендуем.


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