Scuba Diving in Kemer

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Diving in Kemer is offered by Vigo Tours at a great value! Take the plunge and explore the underwater world of Kemer. Whether you are an experienced diver or just starting out, scuba diving will be a fantastic adventure. Plus, there is no need to worry about safety: Instructors provide guidance and support to make sure that your experience is enjoyable and safe. So why wait? Experience the thrill of diving in Kemer with Vigo Tours today!

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About this activity

  • Departure Location: Kemer
  • Event days:
    Tuesday Thursday Saturday
  • Tour duration (Approx - including transfers): 7 Hours
  • Guiding & Support: English , Turkish , German , Russian
  • Booking confirmation: Instant confirmation
  • Printed or mobile voucher: Both is accepted.
  • Easy Online Booking: Fast, Easy & SSL Secure Booking
  • Vegetarian & Vegan meal: Available
  • Cancellation policy: Flexible
  • Experience: No experience required
  • Tour ID: 198
  • Other Departure places:
    Antalya Belek Side Alanya

Highlights | Overview

  • Join us for a thrilling adventure and explore the crystal clear waters of Kemer on a diving tour!
  • Our guides will ensure your safety and satisfaction as you discover the rich marine life.
  • Experience Kemer from below as you dive into its blue depths and uncover the mysteries of the ocean floor
  • Prepare to take the plunge with our diving tours in Kemer. Expert instructors help you explore beneath the waves and get up close with colourful creatures living under the sea!

Full Description

Scuba diving experience in Kemer

Kemer scuba diving tour program: It consists of a wonderful boat tour in Kemer bays, 2 dives, snorkeling, free time and sunbathing on the boat, and swimming in the sea.

When you visit Kemer, make sure to check out the amazing scuba diving opportunities it has to offer. On these tours you will explore the unique underwater wildlife and observe breathtaking sights. With experienced guides, enjoy the pleasure of discovering life beneath the surface while taking part in a scuba diving tour in Kemer.

Scuba divers can explore the undersea world of Kemer and Antalya on a full-day diving tour! With two exciting dives, lunch on board, and plenty of swimming or snorkelling, it's perfect for all levels - even complete beginners. See a kaleidoscope of coral and colourful fish as you take a journey through the Mediterranean. Discover some incredible Kemer & Antalya dive sites on your aquatic adventure!

Kemer, Turkey is a premier destination for scuba diving. Underwater enthusiasts from around the world can explore the Mediterranean Sea's colorful diversity of marine life and gorgeous landscapes. To make the most out of this adventure, it is recommended that proper scuba-diving training be completed prior to diving as it requires breathing high-pressure air filled tubes underwater. For those who don't have any health issues and want to experience the wonders of the sea first hand, Kemer is a perfect place to go scuba diving!

Scuba diving is a type of underwater activity where divers wear pressurized air tanks and breathing tubes which allow them to explore the depths of the ocean. Scuba, short for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, offers an exciting experience for divers of all levels. With an oxygen tank strapped to your back and all the necessary safety equipment, you can dive deep into the depths and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

Kemer & Antalya offer a great opportunity for beginner scuba divers to experience the beauty of underwater life. The sea is surrounded by a securely guarded area, making it ideal for first-time diving trips. Plus, there are no dangerous creatures living in the blue waters here, ensuring that your dive will be safe and enjoyable. So grab your gear and head over to Kemer & Antalya today for an unforgettable diving experience!

Are you ready to explore the underwater beauty of Kemer, Turkey? Whether you're an experienced scuba diver or a complete novice, the professional staff at Kemer & Antalya Dive Center has you covered. You'll receive a short training session from a diving instructor to evaluate your swimming and breathing abilities before you venture into the sea. Once you've passed your initial assessment, dive into the warm waters with confidence and enjoy this unforgettable experience!

Scuba diving in Kemer, Turkey is perfect for both experienced and beginner divers. If you are a first-timer, you can expect to dive up to 5 meters for about 30 minutes. Learning to scuba dive with instructors in Kemer and Antalya regions is an unforgettable experience!

Scuba diving in Kemer and Antalya, Turkey, is incredibly popular due to the beautiful coasts and clear waters. It's important to understand the regulations around scuba diving in these locations - the Turkish government has strict rules regarding divers and operators, who must pass rigorous tests to receive their licenses. All diving boats and organizations are regularly inspected by coast guard units to ensure that everyone can enjoy a safe and enjoyable dive experience.

Scuba diving in Kemer, Turkey, is prohibited for children under 14 years old. While parents are allowed to bring their underage kids along to a diving trip, the children are only able to snorkel and stay on the boat, not performing an actual dive beneath the surface of the water.

Anyone 14 years of age and older can do so, regardless of any health issues that might be an obstacle. It is important to get trained in diving and obtain a special badge certifying your capabilities. Without this license you can only dive with a trainer up to 7 meters deep.

Are you a non-swimmer but would still like to experience Kemer scuba diving? The answer is yes, even though you don’t know how to swim you can still explore the area with a professional instructor. Even for non-swimmers, there are simple introductory dives that can be enjoyed. However, it should be noted that if you do not know how to swim, it will not be possible to get a full dive license. Nevertheless, it is worth trying out some scuba diving as a non-swimmer and perhaps learning to enjoy the wonderful view beneath the surface!

Price included

  • Pick up from hotels - drop off at hotels
  • Equipments for Diving
  • Training for beginners
  • 2 dives max 20-30 minutes each (less for beginners)
  • Lunch
  • Complete Diving Guidance
  • Drinks and personal expenses
  • Photos & Video

Pick Up Place

All the hotels in Kemer region. Hotels in Tekirova, Çamyuva, Kiriş, Kemer city, Göynük and Beldibi reigon. For Scuba diving tour in Kemer we provide pick up service from everywhere in Kemer and near Kemer. We give pick up service from everywhere you are in Kemer region.

Pick up Point

Main entrance of the hotels (not from lobby or reception). At the main road outside the hotel border. For scuba diving in Kemer, we prefer certain easy points for easy pick up service from hotels in Kemer. We do not provide pickup service from the hotel lobby or reception, we do pick up from the hotel main entrance.

Details to know

Scuba diving in Kemer

Are you looking to go scuba diving in Kemer, Turkey? Whether you’re a certified diver or just want to come along for the boat ride, there is something here for everyone! Snorkelers can book snorkel-only packages, companions can join without scuba diving (for a fee), and kids under 14 years old are not allowed to dive. Diving sites could change without notice, and dives may be shorter than 30 minutes for some novices. You must have basic swimming ability to participate, and don’t forget to bring a towel and extra clothes to change into afterwards. You can dive with contact lenses but scuba gear is not compatible with glasses.

Additional information

Kemer scuba diving

Pick up is possible from all the hotels in and around Kemer, and this is included in the price.

(All the hotels in Kemer, Tekirova, Camyuva, Kiris, Goynuk and Beldibi)

  • Pick up from Kemer Hotels (different times for each hotel) 09:00
  • Bus transfer to the harbour
  • Boarding the diving boat
  • Documents work and Brief information
  • Preparations of diving equipments
  • A short training for beginners
  • First dive starts and takes about max 20-30 minuets
  • Lunch on the boat (included)
  • Free time onboard the boat
  • 2nd Dive in in the afternoon max 20-30 minuets
  • Seeing photos and video
  • Changing clothes
  • Transfer back to the hotels in and around Kemer 16:30

There may be changes in the dive program without prior notice. Diving requires a basic knowledge of swimming. Diving time is not more than 20 minutes for those who will scuba dive for the first time.

Period & Price

10 April 2024 / 15 November 2024 - Price

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Non Diver
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Kemer € 30.0 € 25.0
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Hello, Thank you very much for contacting us about scuba diving in Kemer. For scuba diving in Kemer, we have a pick-up and drop-off service from Antalya and it is included in the price. Our pick-up place for Antalya old town is McDonald's next to the Ancient Hadrian's Gate. Pickup time is 08:30. Beginners and experienced (certified) scuba divers board the same dive boat, but dives are done separately and in separate locations. For certified divers, the diving experts on the boat decide on the depth of the dive based on their level of experience. Our Scuba Diving boat has a capacity of 80 people in total, and a large team of dive experts work on board to organize scuba dives. Early reservation for scuba diving in Kemer is very important and highly recommended. Best regards, Vigo Tours

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Дайвинг в Кемере

Мы участвовали в дайвинг-туре в Кемере. Это большая лодка, и на ней есть все для дайвинга. Дайверы были дружелюбны. Также был русскоговорящий дайв-гид. Я и моя девушка ныряли впервые. Команда дайверов дала нам очень хорошие знания и практику. На лодке было около 20 человек из разных стран, кроме нас, которые приехали нырять. Дали обед на лодке (включен в стоимость). Еда была очень хорошей. Мы совершили одно погружение утром и одно во второй половине дня с моей девушкой. Кормили рыбу (хлебом) руками, было здорово. Они сделали наши фотографии во время погружения. Фотографии дороговаты, но мы купили две.


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