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Take a fishing tour in the Bosphorus and experience a pleasant fishing trip. The private fishing tour, which lasts about 5 hours, is made privately for up to 5 people. Take time for yourself to experience an unforgettable fishing in the magnificent atmosphere of the Bosphorus!

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  • From 01.01.2021 Everyday
  • Total Tour Duration (with transfers): 5 Hours
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  • Printed or mobile voucher: Accepted
  • Cancellation policy: Flexible
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  • Experience: No experience required
  • Skip the ticket line: Yes
  • Tour Guiding: English , Turkish
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  • Departure Location: Istanbul
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  • Fishing tour in Istanbul
  • Fishing tour on the Bosphorus
  • Join boat fishing in Istanbul
  • 5 hour fishing tour in Istanbul Bosphorus

Full Description

Half-day boat fishing tour in Istanbul

Please ask for availability and weather before making booking.

During your Istanbul days, take a boat fishing tour on the Bosphorus and try your luck for bluefish, yellowfin, bluefish and cobra fish! If you are on your lucky day, experience an unforgettable fishing tour!

Fish that are localized in different parts of the Bosphorus at different times or that use the channel to migrate or to perform a metabolic activity can be fished from the boat.

With its wonderful geographical and ecological situation, which is as interesting as its historical and cultural structure, and which is rarely seen in the world, Istanbul is one of the few interesting local ecosystems in the world with its special conditions depending on the climate and aquatic ecosystem, beyond connecting the Black Sea to the Aegean with the Marmara Sea. The ecological water structure of the Bosphorus, which is rarely seen, increases the fish diversity. It would not be wrong to say that connecting the Aegean Sea to the Black Sea via Marmara and having inland waters with intense currents turns the Bosphorus into a fish paradise. In short, due to its physical characteristics and ecological location, the Bosphorus has become one of the most favorable environments for fish to live and reproduce.

Bosphorus fish are divided into two main groups: Fish that live in the Bosphorus permanently, seen in all seasons, and fish that pass through the Bosphorus temporarily. Fish that temporarily pass through the Bosphorus come from the Black Sea to the Bosphorus in spring to breed. And after breeding in the Bosphorus, they descend to warmer waters to Marmara and Aegean to spend the winter months. These are fish that can be fished from boats or from the shore with angling during the transition seasons. Other fish are those you can always come across in the waters of the Bosphorus throughout the year. Let's take a look at the fish of the Bosphorus together: Anchovy, Bonito, Bluefish, Mackerel, Mackerel, Mullet, Sea Bass.

Bluefish, Pomatomus Salter
Bluefish, one of the wandering fish, roams between the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea. It gets different names during its growth stages. Leave of Daphne: It is a bluefish pup that reaches a size of up to 10 cm. It weighs 0-50 gr. Hunting and selling is prohibited. Chinakop: It is a bluefish juvenile that reaches a length of 15-18 cm. Its weight is between 55-65 g. Hunting and selling is prohibited. Yellow wing: It is a bluefish juvenile that reaches 18-25 cm in size. It reaches a weight of 75-110 g. It is forbidden to hunt and sell smaller than 18 cm. Bluefish: It is the general name of the bluefish species after 28 cm in length. Its weight comes in between 125 and 333 g. It is free to hunt and sell. Especially the ones up to 35 cm are called bluefish. The larger ones are called Kofona and Sirtikara. Kofana: Bluefish larger than 35 cm are called by this name. Their weight exceeds 500 gr. They are free to hunt and sell, but are rare. Black back: The name given to the 50 cm and larger bluefish. It is free to hunt and sell, but it has not been found in Turkish seas for a long time.

Fishing tour in Istanbul Bosphorus by private boat

After meeting at the boat exit pier, you can go to the weather conditions and the area where there is a possibility of fish (Black Sea side or Istanbul side) by boat. A few regions are scanned according to the fish condition. Fishing tour in the Bosphorus takes about 5 hours.

Hotel pickup and drop-off is not provided. Private transfer service is provided upon request for an extra fee.

Participants can take the caught fish with them.

Price included

  • 5-hour private boat fishing tour
  • Fishing rod and bait equipment
  • Transfer to the pier
  • Food and drink

Know before you go

Pick Up Place

Pick-up and drop off services are not provided from the hotels. This service will be provided upon request for an extra fee.

Pick up Point

The meeting place is at the pier and all details will be informed after booking.

Event Days

01.01.2021 - 31.12.2021 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Important information

Fishing tour in Istanbul

Fishing tour in the Bosphorus is organized as a private tour and lasts approximately 5 hours. Hotel pickup and drop-off is not provided. Private transfer service can be offered if requested.

Although the fishing outlet is Sarıyer, this may change. All details will be given after booking.

You can take away the caught fish.

Fishing tour depends on weather conditions. Fishing tours are done every day, as long as the weather conditions allow. In case of bad weather during the fishing tour, no refund will be made if the fishing tour is half-finished.

Experienced boat crew in Istanbul fishing tour will do their best for you to enjoy the Istanbul fishing tour, but sometimes things may not go smoothly and the result may be below expectations.

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