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Wellness Massage at Turkish bath in Bodrum. Turkish bath Hamam in Bodrum. Turkish Bath massage in Bodrum. Relaxation massage in Turkish bath Hamam in Bodrum. Traditional Turkish bath Hamam in Bodrum. Traditional Turkish bath Hamam with oil massage and full body foam massage. Full body Massage Turkish Bath in Bodrum.

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  • Total Tour Duration (with transfers): 3 Hours
  • Booking confirmation: Instant confirmation
  • Printed or mobile voucher: Accepted
  • Cancellation policy: Flexible
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  • Tour Guiding: English , Turkish
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  • Other Departure places: Marmaris Fethiye Kusadasi
  • Departure Location: Bodrum

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Full Description

Full body wellness massage in Turkish bath

Turkish bath
You should experience natural relaxation with traditional massage and bath in Turkish bath which is a very old tradition.

Turks are a nation that attaches great importance to cleanliness with its historical nobility. Since the conquest of Istanbul, thousands of beautiful baths have been built in this city and all over the country as a result of their acceptance of Islam and their careful application of the provisions of Islam. As a requirement of the orders of Islam, there is a Turkish bath in each house. In the seventeenth century, there were 168 large bazaar baths in Istanbul.

How was the Turkish Bath Born?

The bath tradition is an ancient tradition dating back to the Romans. Coming from Central Asia to Anatolia, the Turks combined the bath tradition of Central Asia with Roman and Byzantine bath traditions.

When the rules of hygiene and hygiene ordered by Islam were added to it, a new concept emerged about the use of water and body cleansing: the Turkish traditional bath. The Turkish traditional bath, which initially appeared as a different type of bath, has established its own tradition by gaining institutionalism over time with the culture of Islam and the silk path.

This old tradition, known as Turkish style bathing and general body cleansing, has been called as the traditional Turkish Bath as a result of its interaction and merger with the Silk Road trade and the Hammam culture coming from the Arab Islamic culture.

The first public bath in the public sphere was the Çemberlitaş bath in Istanbul in 1584 with the support of the mother of the Ottoman Sultan Murat III, Nurbanu Sultan. It was built by Sinan the Architect. And after a while, the number of baths in a short time increased significantly. At the end of the 16th century, the total number of Turkish baths in Istanbul was approaching five thousand, of which 300 were general and 4536 were private. Some of them were large bazaar baths. The bazaar baths were open to women on certain days of the week and to men on other days. The “double baths lar were two adjacent baths, one for women and one for men. These baths were open every day. This old Turkish bath tradition that continued in Anatolia until the end of the 70s began to disappear with the development of modern life today.

Turkish baths are mainly divided into 4 parts:
1) Dressing places
2) Bathing places
3) Massage and pouch sections
3) Heating place: Külhan

For the Turks, baths were not only a place of cleaning, but a place of purification, renewal and pleasure. Even the wealthiest Ottoman women used to go to public baths once a week, even if they had private baths in their homes. Because for women living behind closed doors, socializing, being aware of each other, was a place of fun baths. So there was plenty of reason to go to the baths.

Activity program for wellness massage in Turkish bath in Bodrum

Get a complete cleansing and relax with a wellness massage at Bodrum Turkish bath with general cleaning, scrub cleansing, foam massage and full body aromatic oil massage!

  • Pick-up from hotels in Bodrum (daily - pick up an every hour from 09:00)
  • Bodrum Turkish bath, massage, scrub and full body massage
  • Resting and Relaxing in the hammam lobby
  • End of activity and Back to hotels
  • All takes about 3 hours (depending the hotel locations in Bodrum)

Price included

  • Pick up from hotels - back to hotels
  • Bathing and cleaning in Bodrum Turkish bath
  • Peeling massage in Bodrum Turkish bath
  • Foam massage in Bodrum Turkish bath
  • Full body aromatic oil massage (30 minutes)
  • Drinks
  • Extra massages
  • Pick-up and drop off transfer to hotels far from the center

Know before you go

Pick Up Place

We do pick up and drop back from all hotels in Bodrum for Wellness massage in Bodrum Turkish bath. However, there may be an extra transfer fee for hotels that are too far from Bodrum Turkish bath.

Pick up Point

The pick up place from the hotels for the wellness massage and scrub massage in the Bodrum Turkish bath is the main entrance of the hotels.

Important information

Wellness massage in Turkish bath in Bodrum

Bodrum turkish bath wellness massage lasts approximately 3 hours in total. This period includes pick-up from your hotel, transfer, services in hamam, and return.

Bodrum turkish bath wellness massage: Daily transfers from 10:00 to 16:00 are available every hour. For extra massages, you can check the catalog in the hammam and purchase extra massages.

Children are not offered massages.
Female massage attendant is available.

The inside of the bath is hot and humid. You need to make sure that this does not pose a risk to your health.

What to bring: Swimsuits, Hair Shampoo, Cameras
Restrictions : Not recommended for asthma patients
Children are not given massage service.

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Массаж в турецкой бане Бодрума

Бодрумская турецкая баня и оздоровительный массаж - это здорово!


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