Horseback Riding on the beach in Antalya Turkey

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Take an unforgettable horseback ride along the beautiful Lara Beach of Antalya with Vigo Tours. Our knowledgeable and experienced tour guides will lead you through the forest paths, picturesque sand dunes, and all the way to Lara Beach for a memorable horseback riding experience. The tour is fit for everyone, regardless of skill level or experience. Make sure to join our horseback riding adventure in Antalya's Lara Beach during your holiday for an unforgettable experience!

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  • Departure Location: Antalya
  • Event days:
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  • Tour duration (approximately): 0 Hours
  • Tour guiding & Greeter: English , Turkish , German
  • Booking confirmation: Instant confirmation
  • Printed or mobile voucher: Both is accepted.
  • Easy Online Booking: Fast, Easy & SSL Secure Booking
  • Cancellation policy: Flexible
  • Experience: No experience required
  • Skip the ticket line: Available
  • Tour ID: 318
  • Other Departure places:
    Side Belek Kemer


  • Get the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation as you ride under the sun on a beautiful beach of Antalya!
  • Get ready for the ultimate experience with horse riding on the beach!
  • Horse riding on the beach, a unique combination of sport and relaxation!
  • Enjoy the beauty and adventure of horse riding on the beach in Antalya!

Full Description

Beach horse riding in Antalya

Horse club > Forest trails > Dunes and Lara beach: approx 2 hours

Horse riding tour schedule:
Horseback riding along the dunes and trails from the stables to the beach, horseback riding on the beach, and back to the stables with the horses.

Antalya is the perfect destination for beach horse riding! This group tour starts from a horse club, leading along a forest and sand dunes route to arrive to the LARA beach of Antalya. At the beach, riders are given an opportunity to gallop for 15-20 minutes; however, galloping is not always guaranteed and depends on the horse's condition. Regardless of whether you're an experienced rider or beginning horseman, come join us and explore Antalya's beautiful beaches on horseback! The riding times given here are approximate and may vary.

Do you want to make your dream of beach horse riding in Antalya come true? If so, then look no further! Come ride a horse along Antalya’s golden sandy beaches and feel the refreshing Mediterranean breeze. Experience a unique activity that can only be found in this beautiful part of Turkey.

If you're looking for an unforgettable experience, horseback riding on the beach in Antalya is something you should definitely try! Our horses are gentle and accommodating, making it the perfect activity for both beginner and experienced riders alike. So why not take a trip to the beach this summer and enjoy a horse riding adventure?

People looking for a truly unique experience in Antalya can now venture out on an exhilarating horseback ride along the beach! Horse riding has many advantages, such as muscle development and psychological wellbeing. With a perfect combination of exercise and leisure, beach horse riding in Antalya provides people with an opportunity to get some fresh air while admiring stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Horse riding near the beach in Antalya is an experience like no other! Starting from a horse club located about 20 minutes away from the beach, participants are given their horses and guided to the sandy shores. Depending on riders' experience level, galloping may be allowed, although this will depend upon conditions of the horses. While galloping is not guaranteed, it is a great way to get a thrill while appreciating beautiful coastal views!

Horseback riding on the beaches in Antalya offers an unforgettable experience! After taking in the breathtaking views while horseback riding along the shoreline, you can even snap a few pictures to capture this moment and save as a cherished memory. Then, conclude your tour by making your way back to the horse club.

Price included

  • Pick up from hotels - Drop off at hotels
  • About 2 hours horseback riding tour (from forest trails to Lara beach)
  • Food and drinks
  • Photos - Video
  • Horse riding boots

Pick Up Place

For Horse riding tour in Antalya the pick up and transfers included in the price from all the hotels in Antalya, and all the hotels around Antalya. Hotels in Antalya Konyaalti, Hotels in Antalya city centrum, Hotels in Antalya Kaleici (Old town), Hotels in Lara and Hotels in Kundu.

Pick up Point

For Horse riding tour in Antalya the pick up pint from hotels is the main entrance gate (security check point) of the hotels. Kaleici (The old Town of Antalya) hotels: from McDonald's next to the ancient Hadrianus gate.

Details to know

Horseback riding along Lara beach in Antalya

In order to ensure a safe horse riding tour, it is not allowed to use mobile phones for photographing in Antalya horse riding tour. A photographer is taking pictures during a horseback riding tour on the beaches of Antalya. You can purchase your photos after the tour. Vigo Tours has no duty or responsibility with the subject of the photograph taken during the horse riding tour.

This trip is not to make galloping tour. For experienced riders, this facility can be provided on the beach for a short time but is not guaranteed.

There are many horses in the stable. The same horses are not taken on a horse riding tour every day. Horses are taken to rest regularly. There are no horse riding tours in rainy weather, as the horses can get sick when they get wet.

With the approval of the trainers, children aged 8 and over can join the Antalya horse riding tour. Pregnant guests and guests who have drunk alcohol cannot participate in the horse riding tour.

Horse riding tour is done on the beaches of Lara and Kundu. It is obligatory to comply with the Horse riding rules, which are informed before the tour.

What to wear for a riding tour: It can be a little troublesome in horse riding as the legs rub against the horse's body. For this reason, long trousers or long shorts are ideal for a comfortable riding. Hats and glasses are a must in the summer. It is also good to bring sun protection cream.

Weight limit for riders: max 100 - 110 kg
Age limit: 8 and up

Horse Ridings are done with the supervision of a crew from horse club.

The horse riding tour is also suitable for those who will ride horses for the first time.

Additional information

Tour Program for Horse riding in Antalya

  • Pick up from hotels in Antalya (All the hotels in Antalya)
  • Transfer to the horse club (about 30 minutes depends on hotel location)
  • Preparations for horse riding
  • A Short training (trials for first time riders)
  • Horse riding starts from horse club to the beach
  • About 2 hours horseback riding tour (from forest trails to Lara beach)
  • End of the riding tour and returning to the stable
  • Free time for some drinks (extra)
  • Returning to the hotels

Horse riding Antalya

Horseback riding in Antalya

Horse Riding at the golden sandy beach of Antalya - Vigo Tours

Riding in Antalya

Horse riding in Antalya

Our horse riding tour is held on Antalya Kundu beach. No experience is required to ride a horse. A short ride training is provided for beginners, and a trial ride is done. Horse riding tour on the beach is accompanied by a horse riding guide. Photographs and videos are also taken on the beach. If you wish, you can see your photos and buy them after the horse riding tour. The horseback riding tour is held only on Mondays at sunset, other days from sunrise.

Period & Price

01 January 2023 / 31 December 2023 - Price

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08 >
Antalya € 40.0

Add-ons / Extras Price
Companion € 15.0
Private tour € 35.0
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Hello, Thank you very much for contacting us about the horse riding tour in Antalya Lara beach. The transfer from your hotel to the stables takes approximately 30 minutes. Going to the beach with horses from the stables, horseback riding on the beach, and returning to the stables takes approximately 2 - 2.5 hours in total. Early booking is very important and highly recommended. Best regards, Vigo Tours
Hello, Thank you very much for contacting us about the horse riding tour in Antalya Lara beach. Unfortunately, it is not possible for children to join the tour by riding behind their parents. Early booking for horse riding tours in Antalya is very important and highly recommended. Best regards, Vigo Tours
Hello from Vigo Tours, Thank you very much for contacting us. Your hotel unfortunately is not suitable for pick up. It s not only horse back riding but non of tours are possible due to the location. It s only possible if you come to the stable yourself at your own cost. Also not Antalya but Horse back riding in Side is more convenient for you as the distance to the stable in Side is closer than the one in Antalya. Best regards, Vigo Tours
Hello from Vigo Tours, Thank you for contacting us. Yes, the pick up is possible from your hotel (Royal Holiday Palace) at 09:45 or 13:145. You can book online at our web site. Kind regards, Vigo Tours
Hello from Vigo Tours, Thank you very much for contacting us. No experience is required to ride a horse. You can join our Antalya horse riding tour after a short training by the experienced staff at the horse riding club. There is no fast riding in the Antalya horse riding tour, and there are also attendants during the tour, and they support the participants. All the horses in our Antalya horse riding tour are gentle and calm. At our website you can do online booking with prepayment can be done by credit card. The balance can be paid cash before the tour. Best regards, Vigo Tours
Hello, Thank you for contacting us. Yes 4 hours private tour is possible at us with trails of forest, dunes, and at the beach. And same route back to the horse club. The price for 1 person is 100€, included hotel pick up and drop off with any time of the day (with pick up time: between 9:30 and 14:00). Kind regards, Vigo Tours
Hello, Thank you very much for contacting Vigo Tours. We organize horse riding tours in Antalya Lara beach. Horse riding course is a different practice, and horse riding course is not held on the beach. Also the riding course takes longer than one or 2 lessons. We are ready to support you for the horse riding tour on the Antalya Lara beach. Our horse ridings tour is available everyday with hotel pick up included in the price. Kind regards, Vigo Tours
Hello, Thank you for contacting us. Yes we do pick up from Delphin Imperial Hotel for Horseback riding tour in Antalya. We pick up from all the hotels in Antalya and Belek. The pick up time from Delphin Imperial Hotel is about 13:20. Once the booking is done the actual pick up time is given at the confirmation mail. Kind regards, Vigo Tours

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Amazing experience!

It was an amazing horseback riding experience at Lara beach of Antalya. Me and my boyfriend really loved it and enjoyed a lot.





Horseback riding tour on the beach was a great experience! The horses are beautiful and well-trained. So friendly staff, good organisation Thanks!




Leider eine Abzocke mit den Fotos!

Das Reiten am Strand wäre ja ganz nett gewesen (leider war das Pferd relativ jung und nicht gut zugeritten, hat daher kaum auf die Reiterin reagiert), aber leider ist das Service rundherum schlecht. Wir haben eine Einzelbuchung gemacht und als wir dort aus dem Transferbus ausgestiegen sind, wurde uns sofort gesagt, dass wir das Handy in der Tasche lassen müssen. Sobald wir es verwenden, wird die Reitstunde sofort abgebrochen. Das ist nichts anderes als eine Erpressung! Am Ende wurden uns für ein paar verwackelte Videos und unscharfe Fotos 70,- Euro (!!!) verrechnet. Das ist nichts anderes als Wucher und eine absolute Frechheit!

Reply from Vigo Tours: Thank you very much for your review!

Hallo, vielen Dank für Ihre Bewertung, aber Ihre Bewertung ist alles andere als fair. In den Informationen unserer Website ist klar geschrieben, dass das Telefon während der Reittour nicht benutzt wird. Aus Sicherheitsgründen werden während der Reittour keine Mobiltelefone verwendet. Wir machen jedoch Reittouren, leider keine Fototouren. Außerdem haben wir keine Möglichkeit für Begleitpersonen zu fotografieren. Wenn die Fotos schlecht sind, ist es am besten, sie nicht zu kaufen! Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Vigo Tours




Tolle Erfahrung!

Wir wurden pünktlich vom Hotel abgeholt. 20 Minuten später waren wir am Reiterhof. Das Personal war freundlich und sehr höflich. Nach einer kurzen Vorbereitung ritten wir mit Pferden durch die Dünen und über Waldwege zu einem langen und wunderschönen Strand. Einige erfahrene Reiter galoppierten am Strand entlang. Ich und meine Freundin sind zum ersten Mal auf Pferden geritten. Es war wirklich eine super Erfahrung. Danke!




The condition of the animals was worrying

The animals are very malnourished and this should be worked on.




Unfreundlicher Service

Nach mehrmaliger Bitte auf WhatsApp und auch per E-Mail wird nicht auf meine Nachrichten reagiert. Ich hatte es in der ersten Bewertung nicht erwähnt, da ich mit Vigotours Kontakt aufnahm und ihnen das Problem schilderte. Der Fotograf nahm insgesamt mehr Geld als er mir an Fotos und Videos versprach, zum Schluss wurden nur Fotos über WhatsApp in einer sehr schlechten Qualität verschickt, Videos wie versprochen kamen keine mehr, da laut Fotograf sein Handy kaputt gegangen ist. Ich erwarte, dass man einhält was man verspricht, da es abgesprochen wurde und nach dem Reitausflug deutlich gesagt wurde dass der SD-Karteninhalt der Kamera und die Fotos und Videos auf dem Handy an mich versandt werden. Dies wurde abgesprochen während ich bezahlt habe. Nachdem ich im Hotel war kam vom Fotografen nur Fotos an, keine Videos, daraufhin erklärte er, sein Handy sei kaputt und könne keine Videos mehr schicken. Ein kleiner Tipp: Nutzen Sie bitte ihr eigenes Handy/Smartphone und verlassen Sie sich keinesfalls auf den Fotografen. Weiterhin ist zu beachten, dass der Strand schon am frühen Morgen sehr voll ist und da leider nicht gut geritten oder galoppiert werden kann. Außerdem nicht zu vergessen die Hunde, die die Pferde angreifen. Daher dauert es nicht einmal 5 Minuten am Strand.

Reply from Vigo Tours: Thank you very much for your review!

Sehr geehrter Kunde, Sie haben bereits einen sehr guten Übersichtsartikel eingereicht, der auf der Website veröffentlicht wurde. Jeder Teilnehmer hat das Recht zur Bewertung nur einmal. Ihre zweite Bewertung wird leider nicht veröffentlicht. Unser Unternehmen hat keine Beziehung zu den Fotoshootings während der Reittour. Die Person oder die Leute, die dort Fotografie-Geschäfte betreiben, sind unabhängig, sie machen ihr eigenes Geschäft, und ihr Fotografie-Geschäft hat nichts mit uns zu tun. Über Ihre Fotos während der Reittour; Waren wir als Vigo Tours dabei, als Sie mit der Person dort sprachen? Waren wir dabei, als Sie Ihren Deal gemacht haben? Waren wir da, als Sie Ihr Geld bezahlt haben? Haben wir Ihnen Ratschläge oder Anleitungen zum Thema Fotografie gegeben? Ist das nicht eine grausame Ungerechtigkeit, die Sie uns angetan haben? Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Vigo Tours




beautiful experience with communication difficulties

It was a really beautiful experience but unfortunately it could have been better if the communication was right. Nobody could speak german and I understand that but not knowing english well for a tourist tour is not good. All people were really friendly and tried to help me a lot but it was difficult to understand them because they spoke Turkish to me. Nevertheless they picked me up on time and brought me back to the hotel. I felt a bit in a rush especially at the beach and the photographer took photos very fast. It took about 5 minutes at the beach and the distance to the stable around 20-30minutes by horse. We were very early in the morning at the beach and it was full of people, thats why photos and gallop were difficult to do. You should be very patient and just enjoy the horse riding experience.


Светлана, Юлия


добрый вечер!

Мы катались на лошадках! Остались очень довольны! Очень милые улыбчивые люди, замечательные послушные лошади! Очень порадовал фотограф: получились отличные фото и видео! Все без задержек,  вовремя! Отлично провели время! С удовольствием приедем еще!!! Очень рекомендуем всем желающим получить дополнительные приятные эмоции от отдыха! Спасибо огромное!




Fantastisches Reiten am Strand in Antalya

Ich hatte eine tolle Zeit beim Reiten am Strand. Es war zu heiß und ich habe es am frühen Morgen mit Sonnenaufgang gemacht. Alles hat sehr gut geklappt!




Horseback riding on the Antalya beach

We had a great holiday in Belek near Antalya. We wanted a tour at the beach on horseback with my wife and 2 daughters (6 and 8). We reached the Vigo Tours web page on our mobile phone and emailed them. They quickly returned and answered our questions. We made our reservation from the Vigo Tours Web page. They picked up at the hotel just in time and arrived at a large horse farm after half an hour trip. Our horses were prepared and we did a test ride there first. Then we went to the beach on horseback with two guides with us. We toured on horseback for about 1 hour on the beach. Children loved it. We turned back to the horse ranch on horseback. The horse farm has a nice cafeteria and areas where children can play. We saw it as a reliable place. The team was friendly. Many Turkish people also came to ride horses there.


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