Buggy safari tours in western Turkey


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Buggy safari tours in Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum. 4 Wheel Drive Buggy cars offer great experiences for nature and nature enthusiasts. You will experience great activity with this outdoor activity. Dusty roads, footpaths and river sides.. Adventure awaits you!



  • Adventure and fun with Buggy
  • Adventure with 4x4 Buggy Car in Nature
  • Enthusiasm and fun
  • Mountain roads, dusty trails

Full Description

Buggy safari adventure tour in Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum

We offer you a wonderful adventure and fun-filled nature activity with Buggy cars. You should enjoy the fun and enthusiasm with these 4x4 nature monster cars. Buggy equals fun and adventure!

Get ready for a great activity with your spouse, fiancée, girlfriend, son or daughter or your schoolmates or co-workers!

Dusty muddy mountain roads, riverside, forest trails adventure and fun awaits you! Book this wonderful activity full of excitement and enthusiasm you have never experienced before! Color your holiday!

No driving license and experience is required for Buggy rides. Not a problem if you've never driven a car or a buggy car before. With a few minutes' test drive ahead of the tour, you'll be an excellent Buggy driver. However, it is not possible to speed in the round. The tour is organized in groups and accompanied by our expert guides.

Each Buggy car is for 2 people, but a single reservation for the tour is possible. The Buggy safari outdoor tour takes place on a specially designed, out-of-town trail. This course has been specially selected for a high level of adventure and entertainment. Mountains, hills, dusty and muddy roads are waiting for you!

You should have wonderful and unforgettable holiday memories that you will tell your friends on your return! That's possible with this Buggy safari tour! After the tour you can buy tour photos, and maybe with a tour video you will show your friends enthusiastically this wonderful holiday activity!

  • Pick-up from hotels
  • Transfer to Buggy Station
  • Information about the rules
  • Test drive
  • The tour starts (about 1.5 hours)
  • Return to the station
  • See photo and tour video. (and maybe purchase)
  • Transfer to hotels

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