Fire of Anatolia Dance Show at Aspendos Arena


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Anatolian Fire dance show in Aspendos Arena. The legendary Anatolian fire dance show Aspendos, a magnificent synthesis of the peace, tolerance, love and culture of thousands of years of Anatolian history, continues to fascinate the audience in the magnificent atmosphere of the arena.



  • Sultans of Dancing at Aspendos arena
  • A mix of Turkish culture and historical Folk dance
  • Traditional Folk dances, ballet as well as modern dancing
  • 4000 years dancing culture of Anatolian civilizations

Full Description

The Legendary Dans Show Fire of Anatolia at Aspendos arena

The legendary Anatolian fire dance performance is not only a dance performance but also a summary of the history of cultures of Anatolian civilizations. It is the cultural summary of Anatolia for thousands of years.

The Fire of Anatolia dance performance has been watched by 45 million people in nearly 100 countries.

Anatolian fire dance group carries Anatolian history to the present with its magnificent modern dance choreography. The fascinating dance performance of this magnificent dance group has aroused admiration throughout the world. It has been watched by millions for years and continues to be followed with the same great interest.

Hundreds of civilizations have lived in Anatolian history for thousands of years. All civilizations living in Anatolia have left a very rich cultural heritage. The legendary Anatolian Fire dance show is a summary of all this. In this magnificent dance show, all civilizations of Anatolia are in a very rich cultural gathering. The common values ​​of this magnificent meeting of Anatolian civilizations are seen as peace, tolerance, love and culture.

This rich cultural treasure, which emerges from the people, not from the kingdoms that reigned in Anatolia for centuries, continues to exist even after centuries. It continues to exist and affects people deeply following the trace of peace, love, tolerance and traditional culture. This is the essence of the legendary Anatolian fire dance performance.

It is well worth the money. The show takes place from 9 pm and lasts about 2 hours with a break. There are many artists who are part of this amazing show. This great show features several traditional dances from different parts of Turkey from past to today.

If you haven't seen the legendary Anatolian fire dance show that offers its audience a rich cultural feast thousands of years blended with peace, tolerance and love, surely you should watch it. You will go on a rich cultural journey in the magnificent atmosphere of Aspendos arena.

  • Pick up from Hotels (18:30 / 19:30 - Alanya and Kemer 15:30)
  • Transfer to Aspendos arena
  • Entry to the theater 20:30 (random seating)
  • Performance starts at 21:15
  • Return to the Hotels at about 23:30

Price list

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VIP seating € 29

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