Fire of Anatolia Dance Show at Aspendos Arena


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The Fire of Anatolia dance show presents the cultural synthesis of Anatolian civilizations in a magnificent dance choreography, far beyond a dance performance. You will witness thousands of colors and dance figures of thousands of years of Anatolian civilizations.



  • Sultans of Dancing at Aspendos arena
  • A mix of Turkish culture and historical Folk dance
  • Traditional Folk dances, ballet as well as modern dancing
  • 4000 years dancing culture of Anatolian civilizations

Full Description

Yesterday, Today, people and as well as culture of Anatolia!

It uses a modern-day banquet, as well as a cultural banquet to the globe by synthesizing folk dance with ballet, contemporary dancing and various other self-controls of dancing.

The Fire of Anatolia obtains its beginning from the thousands of years of mythical and cultural history of Anatolia, is a special program which contains 3000 people dancing figures and folk songs compiled from almost every locality.

Legendary Dance show Fire of Anatolia & Sultans of Dance: You will absolutely enjoy such an unique occasion the Legendary Dancing show Fire of Anatolia in Aspendos a lot!

It is something greater than only a dancing program yet, an amazing, as well as exclusive dancing show you could never seen before on the planet!

The main principle behind Fire of Anatolia is the meeting of civilizations of Anatolia!

Fire of Anatolia is a popular Turkish dancing group consisting of 120 professional dancers, several choreographers as well as numerous technological team. The group has actually executed the program in greater than 85 countries, from the USA to China as well as Japan. More than 25 million individuals have actually seen them live, so you also should join them up for this 3-hour program in Aspendos arena.

  • Pick up from Hotels
  • Transfer to Aspendos arena
  • Entry to the theater 20:30 (free style seating)
  • Performance starts at 21:15
  • Returning to the Hotels at about 23:30

Price list

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VIP seating € 29

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