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Add some adventure to your holiday with Quad bike ATV safari, which is one of the most enjoyable tours for nature, adventure and fun lovers! A wonderful holiday activity full of excitement and adventure with enthusiasm passing through muddy paths of mountains and forests, small hills and creeks.



  • Spectacular activity on the mountain roads
  • Excitement and adventure with 4 wheel motorbikes
  • Adventure on dusty and muddy roads
  • Enjoy the ultimate fun with Atv Quad bikes

Full Description

Atv quad safari adventure tour with fun and action

Quad bike safari tour in Bodrum
Quad bike safari tour in Marmaris
Fethiye Quad bike safari tour

Fun and adventure awaits you with 4 wheel motorbike ATV Quad! Alone or with friends, do not miss this pleasure that will make your holiday different!

The Quad safari bike tour on the exciting natural trails outside the city is one of the popular tours with great interest from local and foreign tourists who love fun and adrenaline. This exciting activity consists of a total of 1 to 1.5 hours of driving program. You will spend a day with dust, mud, water, action and entertainment while riding your ATV Quad bikes with convoy on mountain and forest roads.

No experience or driving license is required to ride Quad bikes. If you are at least 14 years old, after a short training, you can use Quad bikes very easily and join our safari adventure tour. Before starting our tours, there is a short training and trial ride for all participants.

Our experienced photographic team takes photographs and videos throughout the Quad bike tour, which is full of fun and adventure. After the tour, you can see and buy your photos and video.

Quad safari tours are accompanied by experienced guides and are only allowed on off-course tracks. Group and driving discipline is important in our Quad bike tour. The participants are obliged to comply with the tour discipline and tour rules. Quad biking is not a race, and for safety reasons, fast driving is not allowed.

Each Quad bike is for 2 people, but one person can join the tour and ride the Quad bike alone. There is no requirement for 2 people to participate in the tour.

Behind the driver: as a passenger can sit 1 child under 14 years, or an adult.

Atv Quad tour in Marmaris

Atv Quad tour in Bodrum

Atv Quad tour in Fethiye

  • Pick-up from hotels - Drop off at hotels
  • Transfer to Quad Station 45 minutes
  • A brief information and training meeting
  • Information about the rules
  • Test drive
  • Tour starts 1 - 1.5 hours
  • Return to the station
  • See photos and video. (and maybe purchase)
  • Back to hotels

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