Western Turkey Horse Safari


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Horseback riding makes people psychologically comfortable. Frequent horseback riders feel better, increase their self-confidence and communicate with the outside world in a healthy and enthusiastic way. Another issue that attracts attention is the development of patience, the control of the senses and the development of self-discipline.



  • Horse and nature
  • River and mountain roads
  • Paths in the forest
  • A fabulous tour with the horse

Full Description

Horseback riding safari tours in western region of Turkey

from Marmaris - from Bodrum - from Fethiye

How about horseback riding on your holiday?

An experience is not required for horse riding. Horse riding is very suitable for first time horse riders. All horses are well trained and very docile.

Horses have a very important place in human life. For example: Farmers or athletes working in their fields can use horses. For this reason, horses are very useful and valuable animals for human life. It is very important for what purpose people do horse riding. Because people who ride horses do this sometimes for psychological therapy, sometimes for hobby, sometimes for sports.

It is one of the important findings of the researches that human beings can heal spiritually on horses and horse riding has very positive effects on people.

There are very important findings about muscle development in people riding horses for sports. Because it is very important that the body moves and provides complete control while riding. For this reason, back muscles, starting from the leg of people who ride horses, develop significantly with this activity. And this activity provides important benefits not only for muscle development but also psychologically. For this reason, horse riding activity, whether for sports or just for a hobby, has a significant positive impact on human life and the human body.

Benefits of Horse Riding to People:
Provides an upright and balanced body
It allows us to burn 285 calories per hour.
Increases the capacity of the lungs
Ensures the efficient operation of our heart
Provides efficient and healthy weight loss
Improves and strengthens muscle and bone structure
It improves our mental performance and our ability to think
Helps for positive thoughts
Reduces excess energy and stress
Increases self-confidence
Increases resistance to fatigue
Significantly reduces distress and depression

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