Rafting adventure tour in Dalaman river

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Rafting tours are among the most popular activities for adrenalin-filled hours. The richness and excitement of nature will await you in this activity on Dalaman Stream. You can join this activity for a rafting trip or a nice holiday break.



  • 3-hour rafting excitement
  • Awesome adventure with guidebooks
  • 7 km rafting in Dalaman Creek
  • Amazing nature and wonderful activity day

Full Description

Enjoy rafting in Dalaman river. Join the excitement and enthusiastic adventure of rafting in Dalaman Stream. Experience an unforgettable rafting adventure by participating in our daily "Marmaris rafting", "Fethiye rafting" and "Bodrum rafting" tours

We are waiting you for our rafting tour in Dalaman River near Marmaris for adrenaline, action, adventure and full fun.

Adrenaline sports are one of the areas that people are most interested in. Adrenaline secretion creates happiness and renewal in the body, thus adding mobility to life.

Rafting is notoriously known as a raft on a fast and uneven stream. This activity, which is simple to explain, becomes exciting with the power of flowing water and the structure of the water bed. It is possible to live and enjoy the unique nature while watching these lively moments on the Dalaman rafting stream near Marmaris.

You will never forget such a wonderful rafting activity in Dalaman River which is 1.5 hours away from Marmaris. The rafting tour is completely safe and is accompanied by experienced instructors and guides.

After an hour and a half journey for rafting tour, we have breakfast in the restaurant next to Dalaman stream. After providing all the necessary equipment we go to the top of the mountain with the vehicles. Here, primarily theoretical and practical training is given to the participants. We take a break in the river 2 times in the 7 km rafting course which lasts 3 hours in total and then we go back to our restaurant for lunch again. After lunch we see photos and videyu. Our guests can purchase as many photos and videos as they wish. Then we set out to go back to the hotels.

Swimming is an Advantage. If you do not know, participating in the activity is not an obstacle. The necessary equipment is enough to keep you on the water surface.

  • Pick-up from hotels
  • Bodrum 06:00
  • Marmaris 07:30
  • Fethiye 08:00
  • Transfer to Dalaman River
  • Breakfast break
  • Transfer to rafting starting point
  • A brief information meeting
  • Rafting starts
  • Various animations and swimming break
  • Lunch
  • See and buy photos and videos
  • Back to hotels

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