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What does Vigo Tours do?


Vigo Tours is a group A travel agency. It was established in 2000 in Antalya. Vigo Tours's head office is in Side, Antalya. Vigo Tours organizes daily tours and excursions, airport transfers, car rental services, birdwatching tours, Congress and Meeting organisations, inbound services and private tours in Turkey's holiday resorts and Istanbul.


Daily tours and excursions & Things to do


Vigo Tours organizes the following daily tours and excursions from each region where there are holiday and vacationers involved:

Jeep safari, ATV Quad tours, Buggy tours, Boat tours, Rafting tour, City tours, Pamukkale tour, Cappadocia tour, Fishing tours, Multi-day and accommodation Anatolia tours, mountain hiking tours, mountain bike tours, scuba diving tours, Aquapark, Aquarium, horse riding tours, fishing tours by boat, dolphin shows, swimming with dolphins, hot air balloon tours, paragliding and all the interesting tours known and demanded in places where there is a holiday.

Vigo Tours offers Daily tours, excursions, airport transfers, Blue cruise and holiday services in the following regions:
Side, Antalya, Belek, Kemer, Alanya, Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum, Cappadocia, Kuşadası and Istanbul


Jeep Safari

Vigo Tours organizes jeep safari tours in all regions except Istanbul, or cooperates with organizing companies. The most intense area of ​​jeep safari tours is Antalya region. Jeep safari tours from Side, Kemer, Belek, Alanya and Antalya Lara are very popular. Also Very interesting jeep safari tours are organized along the magical valleys of Cappadocia.


Atv Quad tours - Buggy safari tours

Another tour organized wherever there is a holiday is ATV quad safari tours. It is generally performed in the regions close to the mountain in the Antalya region. In Cappadocia, it is carried out in the valleys. Atv Quad and Buggy tours are held together everywhere. The buggy tour in Fethiye is done with advanced buggy vehicles and requires a class B driving license. No experience or driving license is required for normal buggy and ATV quad tours. With Vigo Tours, an average of 80 holidaymakers, mostly foreign holidaymakers, participate in ATV Quad or Buggy tours daily in all holiday resorts of Antalya.


Daily boat tours

Boat tours are held wherever there is a sea and a river. Daily boat tours and blue cruise tours in the Aegean region are very interesting and enjoyable. In the holiday resorts of Antalya, boat tours, which used to be relatively small boats, are now carried out by gigantic pirate boats. However, there are also short boat tours with small boats in Antalya holiday resorts. Side daily normal boat tours and Pirate boat tours are very interesting tours. In the 2019 summer season, approximately 300 thousand people participated in boat tours in Side.


Blue cruise tours

Blue cruise tours are made in the Aegean region between Fethiye and Bodrum with very wonderful routes. Turkey blue cruise tours have gained a worldwide reputation and thousands of blue cruise lovers participate in these tours every year.



The most suitable rafting location in Turkey is done in Köprüçay river in Köprülü canyon in Antalya. During the summer, approximately 1000 people flock to the Köprülü Canyon for rafting every day. It is very enthusiastic and enjoyable. In Köprüçay River, which has a very low danger level, everyone from 7 to 77 experiences a wonderful rafting activity on rafts for 12 people, accompanied by an experienced guide. The tour lasts approximately 3 hours with various entertainment and animation activities. Vigo Tours accepts rafting reservations from all regions of Antalya. Pick-up and drop off from hotels is included in the tour price. Koprulu canyon rafting operation is carried out in high security with all necessary equipment. To know about Antalya rafting price click here.


City tours - Sights in Popular Cities

The daily city tour, which includes the sights of Antalya in Antalya, attracts high attention from holidaymakers. There are a wide variety of tours regarding places to see and visit in Istanbul. There are many places to see due to the very old historical texture of Istanbul. In addition, Antalya and Alanya city tours from Side attract great interest. Antalya city tours are also organized from Kemer and Belek. Explore Antalya with Antalya city tour.


Pamukkale and Cappadocia tours

It is possible to join Pamukkale tour from anywhere from Antalya region. Cappadocia tours from Antalya are the same. For Pamukkale and Cappadocia tours, you can join Vigo Tours from anywhere by making a reservation. Pamukkale tours are made daily. Cappadocia tours are organized for 2 days or 3 days. Cappadocia is about 550 km from Antalya region. Traveling on the roads is not boring due to the very interesting views along the way in both Pamukkale and Cappadocia tours.

The most important thing to know about Pamukkale and Cappadocia tours is to visit the shopping stores during these tours. The reason for this is the very high tour costs and competitive conditions. Yes, tour companies try to minimize the tour costs by a support from the shopping stores. It is inevitable to visit shopping stores on both Pamukkale and Cappadocia tours, but there is no obligation to shop. Pamukkale and Cappadocia tours from all regions are the same.


Anatolian culture and history roundtours

The magnificent Anatolia deserves to be discovered due to its colorful history and culture, and the fact that it has hosted many civilizations for thousands of years. You can experience many enjoyable discoveries in Anatolia with weekly and 2-week history and culture roundtour programs. Besides the classical tour programs, special tour programs for religious groups, association groups, hobby groups and themed groups are also possible.


Hiking tours

Antalya region is very interesting for trekking. An important trekking route of the 550 km long Lycian walking route (Lycian way), which starts from Fethiye and ends in Antalya Termessos, is in the Antalya region. The hike down Tahtalı Mountain at an altitude of 2365 meters is the most interesting of these, and the downhill walk takes about 5 hours. The Tekirova Olympos route, which is full of wonderful views along the coast, is 20 km and takes about 6 hours.


Mountain bike tour

Mountain biking tours can be done anywhere in the Antalya region. Kaş and Kalkan regions are the most common mountain biking regions. There are also very enjoyable mountain cycling tour routes in Side and Alanya resorts. As Vigo Tours, we have very interesting mountain biking programs.


Scuba diving tours

Antalya and the Aegean region offer great opportunities for scuba diving. For beginners or advanced divers, diving tours by boat in Alanya, Side, Antalya and Kemer regions last full day and are very enjoyable. Scuba diving tours with experienced diving staff are very affordable in price.



Paragliding is performed at 3 points in the Antalya region. 1- Antalya Tahtalı Mountain at an altitude of 2365 meters 2- Alanya at an altitude of 700 meters 3- Kas at an altitude of 600 meters. Particularly, paragliding from Tahtalı Mountain ranks first in the world paragliding rankings in terms of high altitude.

Tandem paragliding flights can also be solo for those with an internationally valid license.

The Tahtali Mountain paragliding flight takes about 40 minutes, and the landing point is Tekirova beach. The Alanya paragliding flight takes about 20 minutes and the landing point is Cleopatra beach. Kaş paragliding flight takes 20 minutes and the landing point is Kaş harbor.


Paragliding in Fethiye Blue Lagoon

Paragliding flights from Babadağ, a hill overlooking the Blue Lagoon in Fethiye, are world-renowned and thousands of people paraglide here every year.

With Vigo Tours, you can make paragliding reservations for all regions mentioned above.


Cappadocia Balloon tour

When it comes to hot air balloon tours, Cappadocia immediately comes to everyone's mind. Cappadocia has a well-deserved reputation in the world about the balloon tour. Every year, approximately thousands of people flock to Cappadocia for the 1 hour balloon tour with 18 people baskets at sunrise every day. In the region, where an average of 300 days of flight a year can be made, 220 days of flight were carried out in 2019, with favorable weather conditions.

Apart from Cappadocia, hot air balloon tours are also organized in Pamukkale.


Aquapark or The Land of Legends Antalya

There are aquapark facilities in all holiday resorts of Turkey and even more than 1 aquapark is available in some regions. With the opening of the theme park The Land of Legends in Antalya, all the memorization about the water park suddenly broke down and it would not be an exaggeration to say that The Land of Legends suddenly came to the fore. The Land of Legends, called Turkish Disneyland, offers much more than what is expected from an aqua park. You can book with Vigo Tours from anywhere in Antalya, including pick-up, transfer and entrance tickets for The Land of Legends theme park, which offers high pleasure to its visitors.


Horse riding tours

Horse riding tour is possible in all holiday resorts of Turkey. In some regions, it is done on the beach, in some regions in the forest or on mountain routes. No experience is required for the horse riding tour. After a short training, it is possible to join a horse riding tour. Experienced riders are allowed to make a gallop. The horse riding tour on the east coast of Antalya and the east beach of Side takes approximately 1 hour. Longer horse riding tours or horse safari tours on special routes are possible. Horse riding tours are accompanied by an attendant from the horse farm. Hotel pick-up and drop off and all riding equipment included.


Fishing tours by boat

Boat fishing tours are not available in all regions. Fishing tours by boat are possible in Antalya Lara and Side and take just over half a day. Antalya and Side boat tours include hotel pick-up and drop off and all fishing equipment. Fishing boats are usually 10 meters long and no more than 8 people are allowed for a trouble-free fishing tour. Fishing tour by boat is conducted by an experienced guide captain. Drinks are possible on the boat at affordable prices. On boat fishing tours, meals are not included, but sometimes caught fish are cooked and served with salad and bread. There is no extra charge for this.


Dolphin show and swimming with dolphins

There are 4 dolphin show pools in Antalya region. Vigo Tours cooperates with dolphin centers at appropriate distances to the regions.

With Vigo Tours, only dolphin show reservations can be made, as well as a dolphin show and dolphin swimming reservation can be made together. You can watch the sea lions show with the dolphins. The show takes 1 hour. Swimming with the dolphin includes spending some time with the dolphin and swimming for a short time.

Swimming with dolphin in Alanya

In a pool, games are played with dolphins for about half an hour with a maximum of 7 people, and swimming for a short time.

In Antalya, swimming and spending time with dolphins is limited to 5-10 minutes. Long-term swimming with dolphins is not possible in terms of the psychological characteristics of dolphins. Your photos and video are taken while swimming with the dolphin, and you can buy it if you wish.

Children from 6 years old can swim with dolphins. Unfortunately, it is not possible for those who have injuries, epilepsy or similar diseases to swim with dolphins.

Dolphin show and dolphin swimming can be booked from anywhere with Vigo Tours. Pick-up and drop off from hotels is included.


Airport transfers


Vigo Tours has been conducting airport transfers from Antalya and Istanbul airports to hotels in the regions since 2000. Vigo Tours's main business is to respond to private, shared, Vip transfer needs with the most affordable prices wherever they are needed.

We proudly carry out the airport transfer service from Antalya airport to all holiday resorts in Antalya region with the best prices, new vehicles, clean and most importantly friendly drivers who love their job.

We safely transport you from Antalya airport to Side hotels or your villa or private mansion in Side. We also provide transfer service to Antalya airport or other cities or other airports for your return trip from Side.

We provide private transfer service not only at Antalya airport, but also between 2 airports in Istanbul and Istanbul city hotels.

For airport transfers, we offer quality service at affordable prices for VIP transfer requests with luxury vehicles. We also provide a transfer service for electric wheelchairs with custom made vehicles.


Rent a car


The subject of car rental is one of the fields of Vigo Tours. While providing brokerage services in car rental, we carry out the task of introducing our customers to the companies whose main business is car rental and whose service we trust.

We provide support for car rental services for normal vehicles, luxury vehicles, multi-seat vehicles for large families or groups, with or without a driver. We also provide support for motor caravan rental, crewed and uncrewed yacht rentals and private aircraft rental.


Private tours


Vigo Tours prepares and runs special tour organizations for hobby groups, association groups, various associations or groups of friends and family. Special programs are prepared and executed with care according to the wishes of the groups. Also Vigo Tours prepares and executes official or symbolic wedding programs on an all-inclusive basis.

Birthday parties on the boat, wedding anniversaries, special mountain bike tours, private mountain hiking tours, special scuba diving tours, Private Pamukkale tour, Private Cappadocia tour, Private Balloon tour, Private paragliding tour, etc. programs and we perform. We can offer special activities to any small or large group, regardless of the size of the group.


Birdwatching tours


Approximately 500 bird species have been observed in Turkey so far. Bird watching tours are getting more and more attention in Turkey, which is an important migration corridor. As Vigo Tours, we organize daily bird watching tours in the Antalya region. With our guided birdwatching tours departing from Side, you can experience very interesting bird species with a wonderful bird watching day.

Some bird species you can see during the day on the bird watching tour:

Finsch`s Wheatear, Pied Wheatear, Krüper`s Nuthatch, Eastern Bonelli`s Warbler, Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin, European Roller, White-throated Kingfisher, Red-fronted Serin, Golden Eagle, Western Rock Nuthatch, Cyprus Wheatear, Cretzschmar` s Bunting, Horned Lark, Booted Eagle, Bluethroat, Middle Spotted Woodpecker, Eurasian Golden Oriole, Alpine Chough, White-throated Robin, Olive-tree Warbler and Short-toed Snake Eagle.

In addition, we organize weekly or 2-week guided bird watching tours from Antalya or Adana or Gaziantep, including accommodation.


Congress and meeting organizations


There is a wide range of suitable options in the Antalya region for Congress and Meeting programs. Every year, thousands of companies and non-governmental organizations or organizations prefer Antalya for congresses and meetings. Since 2000, Vigo Tours has been involved in programs and operations on congresses and meetings many times, and continues to do so.


Inbound services

Vigo Tours provides incoming services such as airport transfers, hotel contract support and tour services to foreign tour operators operating in Antalya region. In addition, these groups are also offered weekly and 2-week cultural Anatolian round trips.


Yesterday, Today and tomorow With Vigo Tours

As a result, Vigo Tours is a travel agency that aims to provide the services needed and requested in the best way, and does its best for this.

You deserve the most wonderful holidays. The most wonderful holidays are in Antalya. Wouldn't a perfect holiday be more enjoyable with a few perfect holiday activities?

The best holiday experiences at Vigo Tours

Vigo Tours management team has been in the tourism profession for nearly 30 years, offering great opportunities for vacation and holiday activities.

Regardless of winter or summer, Antalya is always enjoyable.

Vigo Tours offers extraordinary opportunities for your Antalya airport transfer, hotel selection and holiday activities.

Vigo Tours cooperates with many business partners in holiday activity operations. For Vigo Tours and the team, it is a top priority and extremely important for everyone who receives services from Vigo Tours to be happy.


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