Turkish Bath Hamam

Turkish baths
For the people of Anatolia, baths were always not only the place of cleaning, but also the place of purification, renewal, affection and pleasure for centuries. Even the wealthiest Ottoman women went to public public baths once a week, even though they had private baths in their mansions. Because behind closed doors for women living far away from social life, socializing, being aware of each other, was a place to relax and baths. So there were many reasons to go to the public bath.

Bridal baths for girls who are getting married, forty baths for women who are pregnant, baths for voters, company baths and many others. Women gathered relatives and went to the baths in groups every week. The preparation for the bath was a complete feast and ritual. Carefully prepared meatballs, pastries, buns, watermelon and grapes with refreshing fruit. and cold & hot drinks ..

Lying on your back on hot marble like the Ottoman sultans for centuries, watching the light flowing through the domes of the baths is the best way to feel the deep history.