Coronavirus and holiday dreams

One year of our lives flew away, but the light is not visible at the end of the tunnel

We left 1 year behind. We spent a year without working or earning money. Our only comfort is that we have not had any health problems so far. I hope it will not happen in the future, but looking at the record-high number of cases, our job seems quite difficult.

We hear and read that many people have passed away due to the pandemic. We see very sad scenes on TV and social media.

I think the finding of vaccine, even 4 different vaccines, made people more hopeful and complacent. The epidemic continues to increase at a record level. It is essential to take very drastic measures for the future of man. The possibility of ending this epidemic seems difficult with measures that do not upset everyone. If we squeeze our teeth for 1 month and endure difficulties, we can control the epidemic and win against the epidemic.

Mask, cleaning and social distancing

Countries have not taken serious measures regarding masks, cleaning and social distancing. If this issue was addressed with very heavy fines, the epidemic would not have gotten out of control. By saying "please" to people, there is almost no chance of overcoming this epidemic. The situation is now past the "please" level.

Irresponsible People consume people!

Everyone is waiting for the epidemic to end, but many people do not make any efforts about it. People failed in terms of cleanliness, masks and distance. Find a vaccine; okay, governments should take good care of people in hospitals; OK. So, who is infecting people with the epidemic? The epidemic does not go around the houses and infect people by itself.

Are cleaning, masks and social distance such a difficult issue?

Even a short funeral cannot be held for people who lost their lives due to the epidemic. What do people expect to be very careful and responsible in this epidemic, which is one of the worst epidemic in human history?

There is a solution, whatever it is, it must be found immediately!

Another important issue is that countries do not cooperate to end the epidemic. Some countries are in a hurry to find and market the vaccine first. The fact that the epidemic is out of control despite some vaccines found brings to mind the following question; Are the medicines found to distract people?

We have neither been able to do business nor earn money for 1 year. Where are we headed? Our needs do not fall from the sky; We need money to meet our essential needs. No payment related to our expenses has been delayed. Banks want us to pay our debts or postpone it under very severe conditions. Many people sold their cars to live. Fortunately, there are people who buy these cars.

Rich and poor are at the same risk in an epidemic!

It's as if people with money don't care about this epidemic. Yes, this is the case. People who are financially comfortable should have some empathy for people who cannot get their most basic needs due to their financial problems. This epidemic, if it does not end by the joint effort of all people, the rich and the poor will burn everyone.

States choose the easy way!

The political parties that govern the countries do not take drastic measures by considering their own futures. They think that as they take drastic measures, the people will move away from their party and they will lose power. There were no drastic measures to be taken at the beginning of the epidemic. The states, unfortunately, did not have a rapid A plan for the epidemic. They thought it would come, it would pass. None of the predictions came true. Success against the epidemic is unrealistic in a very small number of countries (with a small population). The support rich countries provide to their people from their budget is unrealistic.

The only solution; It is the joint effort of all countries against the epidemic. The epidemic must be ended all over the world.

The corona virus outbreak is the world's first and most important problem! All political and military problems in the world should be frozen, all countries of the world should strive with all their might to destroy the corona virus epidemic. Otherwise, the trend points to a disaster!

Epidemic and holiday

During the epidemic period, it was seen that many people were not left behind from travel and vacation. Tour operators outside Russia took a break from their operations, but people continued to go on vacation with scheduled flights. At the end of last summer, there was a limited influx of Russian tourists and some British tourists to Turkey's major holiday destinations. At the end of September, the UK banned flights to Turkey, citing that the number of cases in Turkey was hidden.

Christmas and New Year were experienced in worries of the destruction caused by the corona virus epidemic. Vaccination studies have become a hope for life to return to normal. Hopes started to blossom with the new year, but as of March everything started to be worse than before. We are in the middle of April and are facing a much worse epidemic situation than last year.

We are waiting...

We are in a dark tunnel, and we hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Days, weeks, and months have passed, but the end of the tunnel is still out of sight.

I wonder if we do another job?

Some friends are planning to do other business. Where and what other job to do if the economy has collapsed all over the world? Another issue is doing another business is not something that can happen right away from today to tomorrow!

Tourism seems to be a business branch with frequent disappointments. Of course, this is not the same in every country. It is obvious that this issue is related to the general and average situation of the country from a to z.

A friend of ours, who has been in the tourism profession for 30 years, said that we experience serious problems in tourism every 2 years. Yes it is True. This is typical of countries with a fragile administrative structure such as Turkey.

The streets are empty!

There is nobody but homeless cats and dogs on the streets. Sometimes we see a few tourists walking on the streets. And the beaches are also empty. On the beaches of the hotels that are open but will close until June 1, vacationers sunbathe and swim in the sea. We imagine beaches and streets in a normal April, and the big difference catches our attention. A somewhat sad landscape prevails everywhere, reminiscent of the winter periods of the early 90s. At that time, the winter would end completely, tourism would calm down everywhere. All over Antalya now quietly and calmly awaits what will happen in the near and distant future.

Now the hopes are for June 1st

Those who are going to vacation, those who are worried about the epidemic transmission, those who want to wait for the vacationers and earn money, that is, everyone is waiting for June 1 or the hope of June 1 to get stronger. I hope this hope will grow stronger!

Stay healthy!