Troy, an Anatolian Legend at Aspendos Arena


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Troy dance show is a summary event of deep history and culture of thousands years of Anatolia. The colourfully rich dances are original culture of anatolia of thousands years.



  • Live songs and dancing version of Troy
  • An impressive evening at Aspendos
  • Loaded with History, Dancing as well as music
  • Social highlights of Anatolia

Full Description

Troy, An Antolian Legend!

Troy is as old as the tales in the Sacred Book. Historic Ilion or "Wilusa" city, as called by the Hittites, located in Hisarlık area of Canakkale, as well as started thousands years ago has acted as basis for several ancient myth.

Western world owes its social inheritance to the misconception of Troy and absolutely nothing else. This story, which was considered to have actually taken place in 1180 BC, was once more written in the cumulative memory of humanity by an Anatolian poet. The tale documented by İzmir-born Homer in his immortal publications of the Iliad and also the Odyssey, had taken its place among one of the most known compositions of world. As so, it has an essential location alongside all sacred publications, and was developed into a mystical journey which attracted the writers of background of all worlds throughout the ages.

The one who placed the last point on this curiosity, examination as well as journeys, including a background of three thousand years, as well as obtain Troy bent on the stage of history again as well as made the misconception a real history was the German archeologist Heinrich Schliemann. The treasures of humankind, which was found by hand by sheltering under the mystical voices of rumors and also gotten of the country with wonderful experiences were additionally developed into one of the basis of contemporary archeology. What Schliemann has actually taught us is that: "The voice appearing of the ruins is the voice of our own history". The ones that do not listen to the voices of the history can not hear the voice of future. Fire of Anatolia Dancing Group is giving life to myth of Troy. We are welcoming this immortal composition of history of art after three thousand years in its Fatherland. The brightened city which embellished the dreams of world leaders overlooking the ages, from Hittite King Tuthalia to Alexander the Great, to Caesar of Roman Realm; from Persian King Kserkses to Constantine of Oriental Empire, from Sultan Mehmet, the Conqueror to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The scream climbing from the ruins of Troy as well as the resurgence of a mystical imagine 3000 years.

From its Homeland to all humankind. Time in Troy, location in Troy, love as well as infinity in Troy ...
A feverish work carried on under the darkness of lost myth, a background and musical revolt against a connivance background.

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  • Performance starts at 21:00
  • Back to the hotrels 23:30 

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