Troy, an Anatolian Legend at Aspendos Arena


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Troy dance show is a summary event of deep history and culture of thousands years of Anatolia. The colourfully rich dances are original culture of anatolia of thousands years. Civilizations, Culture and Today!



  • Enthusiastic melodies with the dancing version of Troy
  • An impressive evening at Aspendos
  • History, Dancing as well as music
  • Colours of Anatolian civilizations

Full Description

Troy, An Anatolian Legend: Civilizations, Culture and Today!

Troy is as old as the tales in the Sacred Book. Historic Ilion or "Wilusa" city, as called by the Hittites, located in Hisarlık area of Canakkale (Dardanelle), as well as began thousands years ago has acted as basis for several ancient myth.

This story, which was considered to have actually taken place in 1180 BC, was once more written in the memory of humanity by an anatolian poet. The tale documented by İzmir-born Homer in his immortal publications of the Iliad, and also the Odyssey, had taken its place among one of the most known compositions of the world. As so, it has an essential location alongside all sacred publications, and it was developed into a mystical journey which attracted the many writers of history of all world throughout the ages.

Fire of Anatolia Dancing Group is giving life to myth of Troy. We are welcoming this immortal composition of history of art after three thousand years in its fatherland.

Brad Pitt was magnificent in the film, but he has no role at all on this exlusive live music and dance version of Troy.

Choreographer of Troy Mustafa Erdogan modelled his art on the stories of the famous poet Homer about the Trojan Horse. Homer is the most famous ancient Greek poet and was born in Izmir, which was called Smyrna at the time. Through thirteen scenes this show will take you on a dazzling tour of history of 3000 years.

  • Pick up from hotels
  • Transfer to the Aspendos arena
  • Entry to the theater (free seating design)
  • Performance starts at 21:00
  • Back to the hotels 23:30

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