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Pamukkale looks virtually like an all-natural history museum, is rather large and high. Traventenes continue from a low point to the top. The fact that the entire area has a white image is fairly admirable. Pamukkale is an area where nature assumed the role of musician and also produced such magnificent appeal.



  • 2.000 Year Old Centre of Beauty and Health
  • Legendary Temples
  • White paradise
  • Magical landscape
  • Express tour
  • No Shopping stops

Full Description

Daily Express Trip to Pamukkale

The white travertine waterfalls resembling icy falls and also terraces of superficial pools were developed by the waters of thermal springs reacting with the air.

Travertines are all-natural structures with high degrees of calcium and also carbonate. These compounds collapse with time because of temperature level and elevation. Calcium as well as carbonate, with time goes, stalactites that collapse towards the base of the structure. When these stalactites come together, travertines are formed. This natural sensation, which occurred in the area over the centuries, supplies a perfect sight.

Its attraction initially noticed by the Romans. The splendid Hierapolis old city was established near the travertine by the Romans.

Pamukkale would bewitch visitors at the first step. Under the spell of travertines Pergamon Kingdom developed the Hierapolis city neighboring 2.000 years ago. At that period Hierapolis worked as a thermal health center, as well as site visitors from various components of Anatolia flocked to the city to get spa treatments to find health and wellness or charm.

In our age, those who looks for spa or health and wellness they still dip in the thermal swimming pools in Pamukkale. You might also enjoy swimming the classic swimming pools as our forefathers did, and also take pleasure in the stunning view of the travertines.

The only reason you ought to go to Pamukkale might be not travertines! Although travertines are an area that every visitor intends to see, there are also some areas of human background to be seen in Pamukkale. As an example, the ancient cities in the area may be your various other reasons.

  • Pick up from Hotels (Alanya 04:00 - Side 06:00 - Belek 06:30 - Antalya 06:30)
  • Drive through Taurus Mountains and Korkuteli town
  • Break in Salda lake and lunch (extra)
  • Arrive in Pamukkale and entrance to white travertines (3 hours)
  • Swimming at the roman bath (extra)
  • Visit of Red water area (Karahayıt) 1,5 hour
  • Return to Antalya

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